The Surge 2 Side Quests Guide

Like every immersive title out there, we have to complete side quests in The Surge 2 as well. You will find some easy to do while for others you will have to complete hidden objectives. But no need to worry as long as we are here to help you out!

The Surge 2 Side Quests

This Side Quests Guide will walk you through each of these optional missions in The Surge 2 and you would be good to go.

1. Behind Bars

While escaping from the prison, you will be presented with your first side quest. You will be asked by Benjamin for help in escaping the prison and if you succeed in doing so then you and Benjamin will have a meeting at Gateway Bravo evac Camp.

There is no need to worry about the location or anything else about this camo as you would come to know about it automatically as you progress further in the game.

It could be till you get to late twenties in your level that you would find it. You would be awarded by Benjamin with items worth 10,000 scrap when you get to Gateway Bravo and find him near the medical tent.

2. The Witness

This side quest will begin early on in the game but would go on for a little longer than normal as far as side quests are concerned. You would get materials to upgrade the gear you have, from a guy at the first med station outside the Police Department.

He would disappear for a short period after you have upgraded your gear. He will appear again when you find the EMP Starfish drone.

To get to him, you would have to take this drone back to where you first met him i.e. the healing station outside the PD. You would find him in front of a flaming barrel after you get back to the river.

There is railing on the sides of roads there but one piece is missing and that is the key. You need to drop down from that gap and kill the gentlemen that are down there.

You will be able to open the door that’s down there by using the EMP and behind that door is the Hunter. You will be asked to get him AID gear which needs to crafted by you.

The enemies at security checkpoints have this gear and you’ll have to kill them to get it. Once you have the gear, sell it and he will go away, leaving you with a chest that you can loot.

You will meet him again in the game at the place of finding the Force Hook. He will require a key card to open the locked door he is standing at. The key is with the scientist who protected the force hook.

You need to have a chat with him and then get the key to open the door. All will become clear to you and then you will be asked by Warren to come to his hideout and meet him.

You can meet him after the city goes to hell and defeating the AID Command area boss.

Upon your meeting, you would be asked to for a repeller to escape the city. Then go back to the place where The Warden and you faced off in the jail. Climb the stairs and cross the gap by jumping.

There is a switch there that needs to be flipped, which will kill the guys downstairs getting you the repeller but be careful of the Nano beasts.

3. Private Practice

In Sanitation Alley, near one of the police checkpoints is a doctor who will give you this quest. His drone was shot down which had some cargo that you to retrieve for this quest.

To get to the drone you’ll have to go through a checkpoint where you will have two option; run or fight. Make your way through the main gate and hook a right to the grav lift there.

Go up using this lift and then climb up the stairs and come down using the next lift where you will find a burning drone that you need to grab and take back to the doctor to complete this quest.

4. A Simple Favor

You would be asked for help with a loan shark from a woman vendor at the Seaside Court. Molly has been exploited by a guy named Finn and now she has to pay him back which she can’t.

Go to the Iron Comic Store and find the loan shark there across the back alleys.

Climb up the stairs and after passing the comic store go right and use the skinny ledge close to the stairs to find Finn and you can get the loan shark by paying or killing him.

5. April’s Fool

Upon taking the rose from the back of the Kiosk of the Drone Vendor, he will bestow you with a side quest. He has a girlfriend named April and your task would be finding out what happened to her.

To complete this quest, you would have to defeat Little Johnny and get the EMP drone. You will have to exit the area using the new exit immediately after you beat Little Johnny.

Through an EMP door down there is an audio log which is what you need. That log contains the information about what happened to April.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether to tell him what you know or lie. If you tell him the truth, he will go to rescue her from the Spark.

6. Delicatseen

If you go to the back alley in Port Nixon, you will find this quest there.

You will have to rip open a door using your suit and find a woman in there called Penny who needs a spare part for her freezer and asks you to bring it and even guides you that you can get it from the robots in Port Nixon.

You can also kill a drone that came from a Bandit and get the needed part.

When you go back and give the part to Penny, you will come to know that you have been “siked” and Penny is a psychopath because she will get you trapped in a pretty nasty situation which you have to escape.

After you do, you need to fight her and upon killing her you will get a keycard and her weapon.

The keycard opens a door opposite to the freezer and in there is a hostage named Jennifer that you need to free. When you come back you would be Jennifer selling items that once Penny used to sell.

7. Tag Attack

At the End of the World party, you can start this quest by talking to the DJ. Your task would be to spray the areas of the map mentioned below with a resistance marker:

  • City Center
  • Port Nixon
  • Gideon’s Rock
  • AID Command
  • The Underground
  • The Powerplant

Whenever you finish one, come back to him to get scrap.

8. Fool’s Errand

This quest is also started from the End of the World Party by talking to the gentlemen with the white camo hoddie on the beach. You will have to find out what happened at the AID center to the children.

This center comes after the Gateway Bravo and to enter the AID command area you will have to fight will all the enemies there to get to the Family Waiting area gate.

You will also have to fight some robots and AID soldiers in there that you would need to take care of and then enter the building through the area where the wall is missing.

The audio log you need would be inside the hospital. To get there you would have to first go down then take the right and when you get to the top go right and you will find the log.

9. Carnal Pleasures

Another End of the World Party quest that you will get by talking to Yoko. You would be asked by her for a drink. Get her a Sparkletini from the bar and then she will ask you to get her some meat from Penny.

If you have already done “Delicatseen” then you would already be in possession of the meat and if you haven’t then go to Port Nixon and find Penny’s place in the back alley and get the meat.

10. Golden Opportunity

You would get this quest at the End of the World Party from the bartender and he would ask you to craft a full set of Gaia Gear for him. He also instructs you that you can get it from the robots around Gideon’s Rock.

These robots are different in the sense that they don’t move at first and as soon as you approach them, they convert from a statue form to a moving robot, kind of like those pranksters on YouTube.

Even if you cut off their limbs they will keep fighting, be prepared for that. After getting the complete set, come back to the bartender and sell it to him and get a Nano heavy weapon in reward.

11. Garden Variety

Close to the entrance of the CREO lab in Gideon’s Rock, there is a robot you will give you this quest. He would want your help to plant some flowers with him. There are five lost seeds that you need to find and then plant those seeds.

The locations of these seeds are:

  • Near the robot just outside of the garden.
  • Go the forest by following the path after heading back to the entrance of the CREO institute and down the stairs is a cougar statue and behind it is a hole that you need to drop in to find the second seed.
  • Come back up to the forest and find the next cougar sign. There are hunters in that area that you have to kill and get the seed there.
  • For the rest of the two seeds you would have to go to the Mustang Trail repeller tower and then through the pine seeds and find a switch that extends a bridge. The first seed is across the bridge.
  • For the second one head back through the bridge and go left following the trail and go through the little gap to get he final seed.

Plant them all and the quest is completed.

12. Time is of the essence

Go to the Gateway Bravo Camp to get this quest from the doctor in the medical tent. She needs meds for the radiation poisoning patients which you can find in the AID Command area past the big family checkpoint.

The meds are present next to a dead body near one of the two medical tents. You would get some scrap and mod upgrade parts as a reward.

13. The Incredible Iron Maus

After the city goes to hell, this quest can be started from the Cloud 9 party. Talk to Baxter and he’ll ask you for a meetup at the power plant.

14. Gone Missing

You will get this side quest from Officer Klien at the Cloud 9 bar when you offer her your assistance. You will have to hunt down a monster for her.

You will have to reach central plaza by making your way through Ruined Downtown Jericho by moving in the direction of the Cathedral.

Delver Echo Gamma is our target and he is a boss. Kill him and return to Officer Klein at the Cloud 9 bar to complete this quest.

15. The Puppet Master

This quest starts from the Gideon’s Rock, Hunter’s Overlook after talking to Roach. You’ll need to find 3 audio logs for him about the Hunter insurgence. Here’s where you can find them:

  • The first one is present in Gideon’s rock, Mustang Hils near the main park entrance in the lower part of this area on the backside of the Nanite Spatter. On the left side of the door below the main observation platform.
  • The second one is near the central crossing, close to the magnetic lift behind the hunting camp.
  • Defeat Captain Cervantes near the Boar Trail to get this log.

Go back to Roach with the logs and finish the quest to get a Large Pile of Metal Scrap as a reward.

16. The Challenge of the Spark

When you get to the Oratory area of the Cathedral of the Spark, there will a door that opens by activating the control panel of ‘Pump B’ and then draining the water in that area again.

You will meet Brother Kwizman here who wants to test what you know about the Spark. These the questions he will ask along with the answers:

What does the Spark look like? An angelic lightning bolt.
Which acolyte was boiled to death by an unholy interloper? Little Johnny.
The Spark will strike… The world will change!

Upon giving the right answers you will become a member of the Children of Spark by passing the initiation ritual and your reward would be a weapon called Brother Truman’s Faith.

These are all the side quests that we could find in the Surge 2. If we missed anything let us know and as always have fun playing.

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