The Surge 2 Medical Observation Walkthrough Guide

The Surge 2 Medical Observation Walkthrough will help you through the opening section of the game so that you can progress with the game.

The Surge 2 Medical Observation

After creating your character, you wake up in a hospital bed. Use the tooltip on the wall to activate or deactivate inverted controls. Look behind the curtain and you’ll find the Keycard – Medical Staff in a Loot Cache.

Use the Keycard to open the door and go to the next room. A basic tutorial will play to teach you the locking system, attacks, and blocking. Take out the security drone.

Another security drone will attack you once the first one is dealt with, destroy it. With both drones destroyed, use the mounted First-Aid kit to replenish your health and continue through the hole in the previous room and take the darkened tunnel here.

Keep moving forward until you face a nanite monster breaking open a door. As the monster leaves the area, go through the door that it ripped open and this concludes your first The Surge 2 mission.

That is all for our The Surge 2 Medical Observation Walkthrough guide with tips on where to find the keycard and how to progress.

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