The Surge 2 Implants Guide – Boosters, Injectables, Effects

Implants in The Surge 2 offer specific Stat enhancements to the player such as health restoration, special blocking capabilities, and attack buffs. These make the gameplay even more engaging. The game features a wide range of implants from which you can choose the suitable ones. To help you choose, we have compiled this implants guide.

The Surge 2 Implants

Enlisted below are all the Implants, s as well as s along with their effects.


Boosters are implants that passively enhance your stats and give you temporary buffs. Most of the boosters need a condition to be filled such as killing a number of enemies in quick succession or successfully blocking an attack.

In order for them to take effect. Some have a more assistive effect such as reducing cooldown time or aiding blocks, they do not need activation.

Sustaining Array
Increase the amount of time for which the battery is active before it drains completely. +15s Battery Time.

Directional Block Analyzer
Displays the direction(s) of incoming attacks for blocking. The player can easily judge which direction the attack is coming from and block with ease.

Physical Aggression Redirector
Directs your attack the targeted body part. The attack does not go astray with the effect of the swing of the weapon. instead it is focused on the target point. The damage dealt is reduced by 25%.

Battery Auto-Healer
20 Health Restored when the battery is filled completely.

Battery Adrenalizer
+30% Stamina Regeneration for a short time, when the battery is filled.

Rig Capacitor
Prevents the decay of 1 battery.

Deflection Energy Converter
More Energy gained when an enemy attack is successfully blocked.

Deflection Damage Enhancer
+10% Damage for a short time when an enemy attack is successfully blocked.

Deflection Hardener
Increases both physical and elemental defense for a short time when an enemy attack is successfully blocked. +250 Defense and +350 Elemental Defense.

Deflection Auto-Healer
Increases your health when an attack is successfully blacked. +20 Health.

Unyielding Stabilizers
While charging for an attack, you get a boost of defense and stability. +200 Defense and +100 Stability.

Ancillary Core +12
Grants +12 Core Power.

Ancillary Core +5
Grants +5 Core Power.

Piezo-Induction Igniter
Increases the effect of electric and fire damage done.

Increases Human Damage but handicaps robotic and nano damage aspects. +10% Human Damage, -20% Robotic Damage, and -20% Nano Damage.

Nanite Shatterer
Increases Nanite Damage but reduces human and robotic damage. +10% Nano Damage, -20% Human Damage, and -20% Robotic Damage.

Robotic Disrupter
Increases Robotic Damage at the cost of human and nano damage. +10% Robotic Damage, -20% Human Damage, and -20% Nano Damage.

Dynamic Redirector
30 Energy Restored of damage from enemies’ strikes.

Entropic Dissolver
+30% Nano Damage and +30% Poison Damage.

Burning Inhibitor
Reduces the duration of burning effect.

Poison Inhibitor
Reduces the duration of the poison effect.

Pain Enhancer
Amplifies damage at the cost of your defense. +100% Damage and -1000 Defense.

Kineto-Channel Dynamo
Increases energy gain, reducing defense. +35% Energy Gain and -250 Defense.

Kineto-Plasmic Shunt
10% of Health is gained upon 5 successful hits in quick succession.

Nano Absorber
Reduces the buildup rate of nano effects +150 Nano.

Toxic Filter
Reduces the buildup rate of poison effect. +200 Poison.

Omni-Cell Clip
Increases maximum amount of ammo carried. +5 Carried Ammo.

Drone Cyclo-Intensifier
Increases the damage of channeled drone modules the longer the effect is continuously fired. +5% Damage per second and +5% Elemental Damage per second.

Drone Proximity Adapter
Increases Drone Damage at short range.

Drone Kill Battery Converter
Energy Gained upon killing an enemy with a drone.

Improved Transistors
-25% Energy Decay.

Energy Dynamo
+15% Energy Gained for successful attacks.

Leg Pneumatics Adapter
-15% Stamina Consumption on evasion.

Energetic Impact Intensifier
Energy Impact is increased when 3 or more batteries are filled.

Energetic Speed Intensifier
+4% Attack Speed when 3 or more batteries are filled.

Vital Speed Intensifier
Increased Attack Speed on full health.

Kinetic Drone Supercharger
Performing a finishing sequence increases the damage of your next drone attack.

Aggression Amplifier
50 Health Restored on performing a finishing sequence.

Adrenal Harvester
+50 Stamina Restored on killing an enemy.

Critical Power Enhancer
Give you a buff of damage dealt with enemies on low health, both physical and elemental. +8% Damage and +25% Elemental Damage.

Critical Organ Enhancer
When health is low, it increases stamina regeneration rate and also increasing energy gain. +20% Stamina Regeneration and +15% Energy Gain.

Auto Health Regeneration.

Reclamation Buddy
+10% Tech Scrap Gain on killing enemies.

Tactile Amplifier
Energy Gain and Attacks Speed are amplified while wielding one of the following weapon types: One-handed, Spear, Double-Duty, Twin-Rigged. +15% Energy Gain and +4% Attack Speed.

Rig Capacitor XL
Prevents 2 batteries from decaying.

Rig Capacitor XXL
Prevents 3 batteries from decaying.

Deflection Supercharger
+30% Damage for a short time & 25 Energy Restored upon successful block.

Deflection Auto-Defender
+30% Defense for a short time & 25 Energy Restored upon successful block.

Elemental Intensifier
Increases Elemental Damage inflicted but reduces Physical Damage. +30% Elemental Damage and -20% Damage.

Metallic Hardener
Increases Physical Damage inflicted but reduces Elemental Damage. +10% Damage and -50% Elemental Damage.

Nano Absorber EX
Reduce the buildup rate of nano effects. +250 Nano.

Antitoxic Array
Reduces the buildup rate of poison effects.

Lithium Polymer Cells
Reduces energy decay rate as well as increasing batteries useful time. -25% Energy Decay and +15s Battery Cooldown.

Auto-Healing Dynamo
When a battery is filled, you gain additional health and an increased energy gain rate. +10% Energy Gain and +20 Health Restored.

Critical Muscular Shunt
On low health, a fraction of your health is restored and both elemental and physical damage are buffed. 30% Health Restored, +6% damage, and +14% Elemental Damage.

Critical Dynamo
Energy Gain Increased while health is low.

Critical Oxygenator
While health is low, stamina regeneration speeds up. +25% Stamina Regeneration.

Reclamation Buddy EX
+40% Tech Scrap Gain from killing enemies.

Decharge Regenerator
1 Health Restored per second at low energy.

Emergency Reserve Injection
150 Health Restored at the cost of 1 battery.

Automatic Inject-Charger
Consumes a battery to automatically pre-charge the selected.

Kinetic Inject-Charger
Performing a finishing sequence adds 1 pre-charged to the selected.

Omni-Health Observer
Displays the health and stability bars of locked enemies.

Component Analyzer
Displays the crafting tier of gear of locked enemies’ body parts and their weaponry.


Injectables make use of a battery charges to provide the buff. Unlike boosters, these need to be activated in order to harvest their effect.

An injectable placed in the implant slot will have an immediate effect when triggered if sufficient battery charge is available.

Medi-Voltaic Injection
Cost: 1 battery
Restores health to full.

Cellular Regenerator
Cost: 1 Battery
Regenerate health over 20 seconds.

Muscular Enhancement Injection
Cost: 1 Battery
Increases damage; physical and electric by a small amount for a long period of time. +10% Damage and +10% Electric Damage.

Medi-Force Converter
Cost: 1 Battery
Convert dealt damage to health, but works for a short time.

Tissue Hardening Injection
Cost: 1 Battery
Increases both physical and elemental defense for a fixed amount of time. +100 Defense and +150 Elemental Defense.

Super-Oxygenating Injection
Cost: 1 Battery
Increases stamina and stamina regeneration rate for a short time. 50 Stamina Restored and +50% Stamina Regeneration.

Nano-Purge Injection
Cost: 1 Battery
Removes all nano buildup and increase nano defense for a while. +300 Nano.

Adrenaline Shunt
Cost: 1 Battery
Enhances the senses, essentially making enemies seem to move slower.

Antidote Injection
Cost: 1 Battery
Removes poison buildup and increase poison defense for a while. +500 Poison.

Hope the guide was helpful for your endeavors in The Surge 2.

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