The Surge 2 Downtown Jericho Walkthrough Guide – Journey to the Court , Seaside Court

The Surge 2 Downtown Jericho Walkthrough Guide will help you through the area and the Journey to the Court quest so that you can progress through the game.

The Surge 2 Downtown Jericho

After completing the Escape from Detention quest, you’ll have to make your way through Downtown Jericho and get to Seaside Court. Note that our The Surge 2 Downtown Jericho Walkthrough Guide only covers the main path.

Talk to Brother Truman as you arrive Downtown Jericho and he’ll give you the quest “Journey to the Court”. After that, use the nearby stairs and then use the magnetic elevator to reach the ground.

JCPD Back Alley

Go to the Medbay and interact with it to unlock. Go through the hole in front of the Medbay. Kill the scavenger and follow the alleyway but, be careful of the scavenger behind the truck. Eventually, you’ll face two scavengers, deal with them and you have arrived at Riverside Street.

Riverside Street

Take the sloped street to your right and be careful of the scavenger behind the crashed truck. Take care of him, continue up the street and you’ll arrive at JCPD main entrance.

There are two scavengers in front of the JCPD doorway and one will be on the ramp who will ambush you if you approach the two scavengers below. Take care of them and check the item they had been scavenging and you’ll find a Keycard – JCPD Main Entry.

Return to the construction site, from where you took the sloped street, and continue across the bridge. The enemy on the bridge is tough with high-end armor and dual wield Weapon – Bootleg Splitcleaver. Just avoid damage, use directional parry to defeat him and then progress across the bridge.

Canal Back Alleys

Continue up the street and you’ll find two prisoners and a scavenger ahead. Kill them and go up the short set of stairs to the left. Climb the next set of stairs all the way to the top and follow the metal walkway into the next building.

As you enter, a scavenger will be patrolling the area, take care of him. Dropdown into the gap to reach the room below. Move ahead to the magnetic lift and get to the lower floor.

Follow the main doorway on to the right and use the pipe as a bridge to cross the river. Use the magnetic lift to get to the scaffolding above.

Riverside Street

Head down the ramp to get to the street below. There will be an NPC here with whom you can talk. After that, keep moving ahead and you will facea pair of enemies that you need to take out.

Look for a gap in the railing on the right and drop down from there to kill the scavenger below. Move along the area and avoid the toxic sludge on the floor and note the magnetic lock on the left and you’ll reach the magnetic lift, use it.

As you go up, kill the enemies in front of you. Clear the area and use the Nanite Echo nearby, a small scene will play. You’ll be outside the entrance to the Seaside Court. Go to the downstairs ahead.

Welder’s Block

As you get to the bottom, you are attacked by a Scavenger with a shield. Kill him, move to the next area, and watch out for green sludge on the floor. Take the passage to the right and be careful of the enemy along the way as one of them has an AutoRifle.

Take care of then enter the alleyway that scavenger with the AutoRifle was patrolling and you’ll come up to an open doorway. There is a Double-Duty Scavenger and a ranged scavenger inside.

Clear the area and return to the base of the stairs and move ahead. There will a ranged Autorifle Scavenger and a Shield bearing Scavenger on the left. Clear the area then cross the bridge, defeat the Shielded Scavenger and enter the door he was guarding. Use the panel and you’ll be transported to Seaside Court area.

The Seaside Court is a neutral zone and you’ll face no enemies here. Explore the area and talk to NPCs for more information about the backstory and small side quests.

To continue, go to the first floor and enter the doorway with guards outside. Talk to Brother Eli after he is done with the prisoner. Agree to help him and you will get the Keycard – Prophet’s Keycard.

The Keycard opens the door on the top floor by Mr. Scrappy to the Welder’s Block Rooftop area and the door to Port Nixon on the ground floor. Go to the ground floor as we are going to Port Nixon.

That is all for our The Surge 2 Downtown Jericho Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to complete the Downtown Jericho and get to the Seaside Court in order to progress.

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