The Surge 2 Detention Centre Walkthrough Guide – Escape from Detention, Defeat Warden Garcia

The Surge 2 Detention Centre Walkthrough Guide will take you step-by-step through the Escape from Detention quest and will also help you defeat Warden Garcia boss.

The Surge 2 Detention Centre

After completing the Medical Observation, you’ll end up in The Detention Centre which you need to escape. Our The Surge 2 Detention Centre Walkthrough Guide will help you with just that. Note that, I will only be taking the main path.

Follow the walkway to the right while destroying the drone along the way. At the end, open the door and an enemy will attack you. Take care of him and drop down the hole and go to the open ara ahead.

As you go through a door, an enemy will start throwing brinks at you. Avoid the projectiles while moving towards him and then kill him. To the left will be prisoners looting a body.

Kill them and make your way up the stairs, as you get on top go right and open the door by interacting with the control panel. Inside the control room, use the Keycard at the back of the room and continue through.

JCPD Armory

The next area is the JCPD Armory and as you enter the area, a named enemy will attack you. This enemy has armor all over his body except the head. Use the limb targeting system to target the head.

This enemy is slow but has range and damage. While he is performing his combo, just dodge and when he’s recovering, attack him. Keep repeating that and eventually, you’ll defeat him.

Once the enemy is defeated, you’ll get Keycard – Officer’s Key. The door behind you is closed so use the keycard on the door from where the enemy came.

In the next room is the Medbay, interact with it and a cutscene will play and you’ll get a rig of your own. Leave the Mebbay once the tutorial is complete, and return to the previous room where a prisoner is looting.

Using the limb targeting system, cut off his arm and recover the Weapon – Salvaged Gouger. Go back to the control room and then to the stairway from where you took the right to the control room.

This time take the left, this will lead you a cell of a friendly prisoner named Benjamin Burke. Free him and after a small conversation, you’ll receive a Keycard – Benjamin’s Keycard. Return to where you fought the named enemy and use the keycard on the locked door there.

Security Hallway

As you enter the Security Hallway, you’ll see the warden seal the door and walk away. Use the keycard to open the door to the side and progress forward.

Evidence Room

Here you’ll face a prisoner armed with a pipe. Take care of him and move up the set of stairs while killing the enemy you find at the top. Go through the catwalk and go down the stairs and return to the Security Hallway.

In the Security Hallway, there will be a panel at the base of the ramp which opens a door on the top. However, the door shuts after some time, so interact with the panel and sprint up to go through the door before it closes. Then go right and a cutscene will play.

Deeat Warden Garcia

Warden Garcia is a boss that you need to defeat to progress ahead. Warden Garcia has a combat drone and uses MG Jackknife Pro, the A.I.D. Nightfall set.

If you are in melee range, he’ll attack you with a three-hit combo. Dodge the combo and then land a few hits. Not only that, he’ll also activate the Combat Drone from time to time, you’ll see a red laser targeting you. Dodge it as it charges to attack you.

If you are a bit far away from Warden Garcia, then he’ll either jump at you or throw Molotov cocktails at you. Just dodge these attacks and try to target his right arm. If you perform a finisher on his right arm then you’ll be rewarded with MG Jackknife Pro weapon and a schematic for A.I.D. Nightfall Arm Gear.

After you defeat the Warden, his Combat Drone will be yours. Climb the stairs at the back and go to the left room. Stand in the Nanite Echo ad a scene will play here.

After that, open the blue Loot Cache beside you and collect the quest item “A Girls’ Toy”. Continue up the stairs and follow the passage to the left. Use your assault drone to destroy the drone on the other side of the gap.

Go through the hole in the wall and as you enter the next room, you’ll see two prisoners above. Use your drone to take them out and the magnetic lift will activate. Use the lift and it’s time to go to Jericho Downtown area. Here the “Escape from Detention” mission ends.

That is all for our The Surge 2 Detention Centre Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat Warden Garcia and complete the Escape from Detention quest.

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