The Surge 2 Combat Tips – How to Parry, Backstab Attacks, Combat Drone

The Surge 2 is a game that is much faster and more intense than its predecessor. The combat is about three things: watching your enemy’s movements for weaknesses, maintaining your stamina, and timing your attack.

This game encourages you to think out your combat strategy rather than simply button-mashing. We have prepared this handy little guide full of helpful tips regarding The Surge 2’s combat.

The Surge 2 Combat Tips

You can use the “Lock Target” button to make sure you are seeing your target’s movements at all times. This allows you to also target specific body parts with the “Cycle Body Part” button. Attack that body part until you severe it from your target.

This occurs if an interaction button pops up above the enemy and you have enough energy. The four main types of body parts are:

These are unguarded and the easiest to remove. They are marked as circular and light blue.

Un-armored Body Parts with Attachments
Cutting these off will cause the enemy to drop Implants and their crafting components. They are marked by a bit of red inside the circular and light-blue mark.

If you dismember these, you will get the schematics to whatever gear component was on them. They are marked as a yellow shield.

Armored Body Parts with Attachments
These are the hardest to remove but when you do get them off: you will have a bunch of implants and crafting components. They are marked as a yellow shield with red in the inside.

Preserve your Stamina

If you have played Dark Souls or Bloodborne then you will already be familiar with things like the stamina bar. Your stamina impacts how well you attack, jump, dodge, or block during combat.

Doing these things eats up stamina and so does simply sprinting so you need to make sure it does not need replenishing often during combat.

As we previously mentioned, timing your attack is the best way to save up stamina. The game even indicates this by having the bar flash if you successfully maintain your stamina during a timed attack.

If you want to preserve it more, you can upgrade it at the Medbay.

Fill Up Your Energy

Every time you successfully land an attack or block one, your energy bar fills up. Every time a section of the bar is filled, you can spend that energy on landing a killing blow.

If you take a break in between hitting your enemy, the energy will start fading and the game will inform you with a flash and sound.

You can replenish energy by picking up Battery Charges. These are often dropped by enemies and give you 1 energy point. You will get another battery slot if you have spent 25 module points on energy. You can upgrade it from the Medbay.

Be Versatile!

There are a variety of different attacks you can use and each is particularly useful in certain situations more than others. Horizontal Attacks are normal attacks that do some decent damage while eating up a decent amount of stamina.

Vertical Attacks are heavier and do more damage in exchange for more stamina consumption.

You can hold either one of the keys to these attacks and you will do a powerful Charged Attack. This is very useful for stalling or baiting foes into range for a more effective hit.

Each weapon has its version of the charged attack that does different things to foes.

During certain situations, you will have to do improvising to even reach an enemy. The Jump Attack is when you hit the attack button when you leap in the air.

Blocking works by point in the direction you want to block and pressing the button. Successfully blocking will mitigate damage while consuming Stamina but also giving you energy. If you successfully block an attack, you will gain some energy.

The new parry mechanic allows you to not only completely mitigate damage but also to dish out some pain if you have put in the correct input.

If a close range foe is unaware of your presence then hit them with a Backstab Attack when you see the red mark on their back. These do a lot of damage.

A Backstab is an attack that can be performed from the back of an enemy at close range if it has not noticed you. If someone spots you when you have initiated then do not worry, as you are temporarily invincible.

The key to the combat is mastering the timing of all these different attacks for different scenarios.

Deploy the Combat Drone

You get this little gadget after winning the Warden Garcia Boss fight and it functions sort of like Atreus’s arrows from God of War. You can use it to distract or stagger enemies in the middle of their combos.

You can also use it to bait enemies into the right location and then you can kill them with automated turrets. The drone is also great for non-combat uses. Press the combat drone button to deploy it and press it again to make it attack.

Keep these helpful tips in mind and you can take full advantage of the greatly improved combat of The Surge 2.