The Surge 2 Boss Weapons Locations Guide

Players will have to fight multiple bosses in The Surge 2 and upon defeating them, certain high-quality loot items can be obtained. This guide covers all the 2.0 boss weapons you can acquire in The Surge 2 by defeating certain bosses.

The Surge 2 Boss Weapons

Below is a list of all the weapons we have seen so far in the game which can only be acquired through the bosses.

Little Johnny

You will get a Twin Rigged weapon with poison elemental damage by defeating Little Johnny. All you need to do to unlock this weapon is cut off the claw arms that Johnny has on himself.

I advise that you do this before you destroy the cooling tanks since you won’t be able to kill Johnny before you destroy the cooling tanks. Try to cut off these arms right at the start since it’ll be easier this way.


You will get a staff with Nanite Elemental Damage. You don’t have to do anything different in the first phase of the boss fight, although once you’re in the second phase, start with damaging his front legs to the point that they’re not armored anymore.

In the final phase, break as many limbs as you can, if you manage to break his legs and one of his arms, you will be able to beat the boss.

General Ezra

You will get a pair of Punching Gloves with no Elemental Damage. This one will be relatively difficult to achieve, due to the dual weapon setup in the first phase, with punching gloves and robot combo for phase two.

Attack the boss’s legs as soon as the fight begins. Once you’ve broken his legs, leaving them with no armor, continue damaging him till phase two starts.

As soon as phase two starts, Ezra jumps out of the mech to fight you. Once this happens, you’ll want to target the mech and break the flamethrower arm.

You can do this by kiting the boss around and dodging his combos which will give you time to target the immobile mech.

Once you’ve destroyed the flamethrower arm, dismember Ezra’s right arm by targeting it, which will result in a cutscene since the fight will conclude.


You will get a rig with no Elemental Damage bonuses. Complete all of Warren’s quests, especially the one concerning the A.I.D set, in which you help him discover what A.I.D did to the kids; and the one regarding the repeller coil from JCPD prison.

Consider letting him take the train to safety. When you ask about any rewards while bidding farewell to him, he will give you the weapon, an implant, and three IX weapon parts.

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