The Solus Project Release Date Revealed

The Solus Project is heading towards a release, though it will be in an early access state. Planned for the PC and Xbox one it is planned for a release on both platforms February.

The Solus Project will be releasing through Steam Early Access, the new GOG Games in Development, and onto Xbox One video the ID@Xbox self-publishing program. Gamespot have revealed that the early version will be coming to PC February 18, with the Xbox One version arriving February 26.

“We are really excited that The Solus Project has been accepted as a Game Preview title on Xbox One and that it will be able to launch alongside the Steam Early Access release. ” said Jan Cabuk, CEO of GRIP Digital. “Following its release via Early Access and Game Preview on Xbox One, The Solus Project will evolve right in front of players’ eyes. We will be taking an episodic approach during our Early Access/Preview time by adding level per level of the large alien world. During our relatively short and focused test phase players will on a regular basis see new features and quests, and we will incorporate their feedback to create a truly unique survival and narrative experience,” added Sjoerd De Jong, CEO of Teotl Studios.

In the Solus Project you play a solo survivor who crash lands on an alien planet and must fight the elements to survive. With a focus on survival mechanics such as hunger, thirst, and body temperature it is important to learn about the planets environment and what it will take to survive.

As usual with survival games there will be a crafting system which is bound to keep people busy. There will also be combat, so the player must be sure to craft some weapons for use in battle.

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