The Sinking City Investigation Guide – Analyzing Evidence, Mind Palace, Side Cases

The Sinking City Investigation Guide will help you complete investigation and solve cases faster than ever before. Our Investigations Guide will help you if you are in a deadlock with an investigation and cannot seem to get a way out.

The Sinking City Investigation

Choosing any difficulty level will not affect the actions required to solve any puzzle. The only difference would be the information that is provided by the game in order to help you solve a puzzle.

The Newcomer
At this lowest difficulty, keep footprints are marked by icons which suggest their application that helps to find the next step in the investigation.

The Detective
No hint icons on this level. You have to determine the application of a clue and its importance to the case on your own.

The Master Sleuth
At this level, there are no notifications about the collection of all traces from a given location or about the fact that you can combine the clues using the Palace of Mind.

Keep these points in mind for the rest of the guide.

Collecting and Examining Evidence

1. Exploring
You have to check every corner of the area for clues. Leaving no stone unturned both figuratively and literally. Examining objects by twisting, turning, and rotating them by getting close will also help you out.

You will be notified when you have collected all the key evidence from an area. Buildings related to the story are marked with an “H” and infested areas are marked with an “M”.

2. Mind’s Eye
It is a supernatural ability! You can use it when you see a ripple effect on your screen and using it can help you peer through the fabric of reality with which you can tap into the vision of the past and gain more clues.

It will help you highlight item containers, see path leading omens, inspect areas more clearly, view symbols which when aligned will reveal hidden passages or nefarious idols, Retrocognition (more on that later), and see silhouettes of characters.

3. Retrocognition
You can only use Retrocognition at specific points in the game, mostly where an incident has happened. You will have to enter a bluish-grey cloud where you will be certain events including silhouettes of characters.

All you need to do is mark them in chronological order due to which the screen will flash green making Charles comment on the course of the event.

4. Mind Palace
The words “Mind Palace” will pop up on the screen in gold when you have gained enough clues. This menu will include your entire hypothesis which you can combine to make deductions.

Each correct pair of the hypothesis will create a deduction leading to a new trail but these are not the final choice in an investigation. It is up to you to decide the course of action now.

5. Using the Map
You have to pin the location or address based on the clues you collect in order to keep track of them because they need to be manually discovered.

6. Signs (Omens)
After switching on mind’s eye, certain signs (omens) can appear which can be silhouettes of people, ravens, or flying monsters. Following them can help you discover clues.

7. Archives and Registries
The handful of public buildings in Oakmont contain archives and registries that can be accessed. However, it should be made sure that the needed evidence is active on the left side of the screen.

It can be found in your casebook. It is important to read clues against each evidence because it will help you deduce that which building you need to go to.

8. Questioning NPCs
You should ask NPCs all questions possible in order to uncover new tracks.

Analyzing the Evidence

Open the evidence file casebook and analyze it whenever you unlock a new track or clue. You should read exact descriptions of unlocked tracks and clues. After analyzing, addresses of buildings can be discovered as mentioned above.

Closing a Case

The investigation closes automatically after completing all the related actions. You will receive a notification about it and rewards (if any) at this time.

Investigation can end even if all the material evidence is not found or properly analyzed. What matters is the actions you took to make you progress further.

However, it is advised to analyze the material evidence and complete the investigation 100% to gain more experience.

Solving the Side Cases

This can be done in parallel with an on-going investigation. They can be unlocked by finding bulletin boards or meeting NPCs. You can have any number of side investigations at any point and you do not have to finish your current job to start them.

This is how you can easily and successfully carry out The Sinking City Investigation. If you have anything else that you would like to know, be sure to let us know!

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