The Sims 4 Skills Guide – How to Level Up

Learning and developing skills is the part and parcel of leading a successful life in The Sims 4. Skills are not only required to advance in a career, but also open up various opportunities throughout the course of the game.

An important thing to keep in mind is that a Sim can fulfil its basic needs and develop skills simultaneously. For example, watching a cooking show on television will not only increase fun, but also the cooking skill.

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The Sims 4 Skills

In this guide, I’ll be talking about different children skills, teen skills, and mentor skills. And like always, if you’ve any queries, throw them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

Teen Skills

As soon as a teen learns a skill, it automatically gains Level 1. For example, if a teen plays a video game, it’ll develop Level 1 Videogame Skill. In addition to this, you can also read different books to level up different skills. These books can be bought and saved on your bookshelf.

However, do note that you cannot make your Sim read skill books all the time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read books along with practising skills outdoor. Here are all the teen skills featured in the game:

Charisma determines how your Sim interacts with other Sims in the game. Like mentioned above, Charisma can be upgraded by either reading books or by practising speech in front of a mirror. Some of the uses of Charisma are to get promotions, make friends, and build relationships.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your Sim’s mood affects Charisma’s progression. For example, if your Sim is happy while interacting with other Sims, it’ll develop this skill a lot faster.

Other few things that help building Charisma are online charity and social networking. Here’s what you get after unlocking each level of Charisma:

  • Level 1: Sense of humour and faster interactions
  • Level 2: Brighten day on other Sims
  • Level 3: Online charity, pick-up lines, and flattering skills
  • Level 4: Apologizing and cheerful introduction to other Sims
  • Level 5: Social networking, storytelling in a mirror, and flirty introduction
  • Level 6: Uploading images on social network and sweet talking to other Sims
  • Level 7: Giving and receiving loans
  • Level 8: Hashtags and enchanting introduction to other Sims
  • Level 9: Giving and receiving larger loans
  • Level 10: Call boss for promotion

Similar to charisma, comedy is useful in both regular interaction and career-oriented interactions.

To begin developing this skill, simply tell any Sim a joke and you’re good to go. As for upgrading this skill, you can read a skill book, watch a comedy show, or keep on telling jokes to your in-game buddies.

Coming to the career aspect, developing this skill allows your Sim to create jokes and funny acts which can result in earning money. In addition to this, it’s also useful when changing your or other Sims’ mood to playful.

Here’s what you unlock with each level:

  • Level 1: Practice jokes on microphone and computer
  • Level 2: Knock-Knock joke
  • Level 3: Create small acts on computer and practice them
  • Level 4: Fashion jokes
  • Level 5: Practising funny act on microphone or mirror
  • Level 6: Create medium-length funny acts
  • Level 7: Write comedy books
  • Level 8: Create lengthy funny acts
  • Level 9: Funny storytelling
  • Level 10: Create spontaneous acts

Cooking is a skill which should be developed by every Sim because it’s closely related to your hunger need. To begin learning this skill, click on the refrigerator/stove and you’re good to go.

To develop this skill, your Sim can refer to books, cooking shows on TV, and practice cooking at home. In addition to fulfilling your basic need, cooking skill can also be used to talk about food-related things with other things.

And lastly, cooking meals for friends and family can change their mood to happy – if the food is of higher quality. To cook a meal of higher quality, make sure to use fresh ingredients and have proper skill level.

Here’s what you unlock with each level of cooking skill:

  • Level 1: Regular meals
  • Level 2: Eggs and toast, BLT, chips and salsa, and fish tacos recipes
  • Level 3: Pan fried tilapia, chocolate chip cookies, and pancake recipes along with cooking-related talk
  • Level 4: Spaghetti and strawberry cake recipes
  • Level 5: French toast and fish and chips recipes along with Gourmet Cooking skill
  • Level 6: Blue confetti cake and Chilli recipes
  • Level 7: Blackened bass and omelette recipes
  • Level 8: Apple pie recipe
  • Level 9: Chicken stir fry and cioppino recipes and giving other Sims cooking tips
  • Level 10: Roast chicken and tun casserole recipes

Fishing is a skill which is extremely important if you’re collecting fish collectibles.

To learn this skill, simply begin reading a book on fishing or start practising at any fishing pond. Do note that at the beginning of the skill, you’ll have skill to a limited number of ponds.

However, as the skill develops, you’ll be able to catch rare fish and talk about fishing with other Sims. Another reason why fishing is a good idea is because you can sell caught fish for a price depending upon the quality and mass of the fish.

Here’s what you get as you develop this skill:

  • Level 1: Decorate home with a fish
  • Level 2: Fishing ponds containing bass, koi, and trout
  • Level 3: Using baits while fishing
  • Level 4: Fishing ponds containing catfish and tilapia
  • Level 5: Observing water of a fishing pond
  • Level 6: Fishing ponds containing rainbow fish
  • Level 7: Catching mysterious fish
  • Level 8: Assume the role of fixture in the community
  • Level 9: N/A
  • Level 10: N/A

Developing fitness skill is a good idea because it not only adds to the fun need of your Sim, but a few career options require your Sim to be physically fit to a promotion.

To learn this skill, simply read a book or start exercising – a simple jog anywhere should suffice. You can also workout at an outdoor gym and even buy exercise equipment for your home.

The best way of developing this skill is by doing working out while you’re energized. At higher levels, you’ll be able to talk exercise-related stuff with other Sims and even research about new exercise techniques on the computer.

Here’s what you gain with each level of fitness:

  • Level 1: Different exercise techniques
  • Level 2: Talk exercise-related things with other Sims
  • Level 3: Research techniques on computer and longer runs
  • Level 4: Punching bag and heavy lifting unlock
  • Level 5: Protein shakes and no sweat runs unlock
  • Level 6: Show muscles to other Sims
  • Level 7: Hill challenge unlocks
  • Level 8: Epic workout unlocks
  • Level 9: Fight practice with other Sims
  • Level 10: Mentoring fitness unlocks

Note: Exercising reduces your Sim’s hygiene need so make sure to take a bath after exercising.

I’ve come across many people who don’t pay any attention to gardening skill – maybe because it’s not directly linked to any career option. However, in my opinion, this skill is worth upgrading because it’s directly tied to the largest collectible collection i.e. plants.

To learn this skill, simply read a book or order some seeds from your computer and begin gardening.

Gardening is also important because you can sell your grown plants for a profit and even use the fresh ingredients while cooking meals which enhance the meal quality. At higher levels of this skill, you’ll be able to talk to others about gardening and even learn splicing and grafting to create new plants.

Here’s what you learn with each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Learn planting, watering, and harvesting
  • Level 2: Getting better at gardening
  • Level 3: Researching gardening tips on a computer
  • Level 4: Talk to plants
  • Level 5: Fertilizing plants
  • Level 6: Receive compliments from other Sims on gardening
  • Level 7: Learn grafting
  • Level 8: Reshaping Bonsai trees
  • Level 9: One step closer to becoming the veteran gardener
  • Level 10: Mentoring gardening to other Sims unlocks

Gourmet Cooking
If you check cooking skill above in this guide, you’ll see that Gourmet Cooking unlocks after you reach Level 5 in cooking skill. From that point forth, you can either read books or cook gourmet recipes to advance in this skill.

Gourmet recipes are far more complex than regular recipes and yield better results when offered to other Sims. Furthermore, if you’re looking to pursue career in culinary, you must upgrade this skill to get a promotion. Here’s what you unlock with each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Cooking gourmet meals
  • Level 2: Butternut Gnocchi and Chicken Saltimbocca recipes
  • Level 3: Herb Crusted Salmon and Spinach Frittata recipes
  • Level 4: Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus recipe
  • Level 5: SimCity Cheesecake and Tiered Cake recipes
  • Level 6: Rack of Lamb recipe
  • Level 7: Lobster Tortellini and Lobster Thermidor recipes
  • Level 8: Monte Cristo Sandwich recipe and researching techniques on the computer
  • Level 9: Trout Meuniere recipe and talking about cooking with other Sims
  • Level 10: Baked Alaska recipe and garnishing

To learn this skill, you’ll either need to read a book or buy a guitar and practice on it.

Playing music not only fulfils your Sim’s fun need, but it can also alter the mood of different Sims. As you develop this skill, you’ll begin learning different genres of music ranging from Classical to Jazz.

Coming to the career opportunities, this skill can be used to play at different clubs and eventually writing your sons and selling them for profit. Here’s what you learn with each skill:

  • Level 1: Start learning
  • Level 2: Researching music on the computer and developing taste
  • Level 3: Learn Blues
  • Level 4: Learn Rock
  • Level 5: Learn Country
  • Level 6: Learn Ballads
  • Level 7: Learn Latin music and lullaby
  • Level 8: Learn Classical and write songs
  • Level 9: Learn Jazz and license your songs
  • Level 10: Develop mentoring skills for guitar

Handiness is greatly underestimated by the most players, although it’s one of the most useful skills in the game. After learning handiness, your Sim will be able to repair anything ranging from a sink to a computer without spending any extra cash.

To learn handiness, simply read a book or repair anything broken. At higher levels, your Sim will become capable of upgrading things to yield more comfort. Upgrading/Repairing things may require some parts which can be bought with ease.

Furthermore, a Sim can also create things like furniture and wooden bathtubs for its home. Here’s what you learn at each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Start repairing
  • Level 2: Basic upgrades on plumbing, create wooden furniture, and talk about the skill with other Sims
  • Level 3: Unlocks sculptures
  • Level 4: Advanced upgrades on plumbing
  • Level 5: Fewer chances of electrical shocks, basic upgrade for kitchen items, and boast handiness
  • Level 6: Craft dining tables and chairs
  • Level 7: Advanced upgrades on kitchen and speed up plumbing upgrades
  • Level 8: Upgrade electronics and craft instruments
  • Level 9: Advanced electronic upgrades and craft tubes
  • Level 10: Mentoring skills, craft toilets, and speed up upgrading

Logic basically refers to your brain power and can be learnt by reading books, playing chess, using microscope, or observatory. The best way to learn logic is by playing chess in the neighbourhoods while will not only increase logic, but will fulfil the fun need.

Logic is also useful when completing the Space Print collectible which requires you to have a higher logic skill. Here’s what you learn at each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Learn playing chess and using scientific equipment
  • Level 2: Analyzing samples under microscope
  • Level 3: Increased logic gain from playing chess
  • Level 4: Better understand logic books
  • Level 5: Analyze fossils under microscope
  • Level 6: Increased logic gain from interactions
  • Level 7: Better understanding of advanced logic books
  • Level 8: Analyze crystals under microscope
  • Level 9: Gain better moodlet from winning chess and card games
  • Level 10: Reduce anger by using logic

Mischief is a social skill which comes in very handy when pursuing careers related to criminal and villain. You can learn this skill by either reading a book or doing a mischief with another Sim.

At higher levels, you can go for interactions like clogging another Sim’s drain and using your phone to play prank on others. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to order a voodoo doll to make another Sim in the close vicinity do your bidding. Here’s a complete list of what you learn with each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Tricks with hand buzzer unlocks
  • Level 2: Troll teh Forums on the internet
  • Level 3: Voodoo Doll unlocks, prank calls, and kicking trashcans
  • Level 4: Spying on neighbours and partner with other Sims to do crimes
  • Level 5: Clog drains and unlock noxious cloud
  • Level 6: Get hooky on phone
  • Level 7: Apocalypse discussion with other Sims
  • Level 8: Online spamming unlocks
  • Level 9: Slap ‘Em Silly on other Sims unlocks
  • Level 10: Air horn unlocks

Mixology is more commonly known as mixing drinks at a club or at your home. To learn this skill, simply read a book or start mixing your drinks at your home or at a nightclub. At beginning, you’ll have limited drinks, but it’ll increase with each level.

Coming to the career options, your Sim can pursue a career in the Mixology branch which requires higher level in this skill. Here’s a complete list of things that you can learn at each level:

  • Level 1: Start mixing
  • Level 2: Tang and Wrench recipe and Behind the Back trick unlocks
  • Level 3: Ridgeport recipe
  • Level 4: Dim & Gusty recipe and Juggle trick unlocks
  • Level 5: Salty Llama recipe and Talented Tender moodlet unlocks
  • Level 6: Sea Splash recipe unlocks
  • Level 7: Sour Punch recipe and Bottle Stack trick unlocks
  • Level 8: Silent Film recipe and share Mixology secrets with other Sims
  • Level 9: Simsapolitan recipe and Bottle Fireball trick unlocks
  • Level 10: Sunset Valley, Granny Smash, and Shadow Realm recipes and Mix Master moodlet unlocks

Painting is a skill which can be used both a career and a hobby and can be learnt by either reading a book or painting. You’ll need to buy a canvas before you start painting, so keep that in mind.

At the beginning, your skill will be quite limited, but after reaching advanced levels, you’ll discover different genres of paintings and will be able to sell your paintings for a profit.

Furthermore, these paintings can be used to decorate your home. Here’s everything you learn at each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Start painting
  • Level 2: Discuss about paintings with other Sims
  • Level 3: Low skill pop art unlocks
  • Level 4: Low skill realism, abstract, and high skill classical paintings unlock
  • Level 5: Medium skill pop, low skill surrealism and impressionistic paintings unlock
  • Level 6: High skill classical and medium skill realism and abstract paintings unlock
  • Level 7: High skill pop art and medium skill surrealism and impressionistic paintings unlock
  • Level 8: High skill realism and abstract paintings unlock
  • Level 9: High skill surrealism and impressionistic paintings unlock
  • Level 10: Painting mentoring skills unlock

Piano is another skill which is both useful as a hobby and as a career option. You can start learning piano by either reading a book or start playing it. If you don’t happen to have a piano at your home, you can visit a club and start practising there.

Your skill at the beginning will be quite limited; however, as you’ll level up, you’ll discover different genres of music and start earning decent money by playing it. Here’s what you learn at each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Start playing
  • Level 2: Research about music on the internet
  • Level 3: Traditional songs unlock
  • Level 4: Concerto and Blues unlock
  • Level 5: Romantic songs unlock and learn by watching others play
  • Level 6: Post-Bop songs unlock
  • Level 7: Latin songs unlock
  • Level 8: Ragtime and Jazz songs unlock along with writing your own songs
  • Level 9: Classical songs and licensing songs unlock
  • Level 10: Avant-Garde songs and mentoring skill unlock

Aside from a couple of career options, programming is a skill which is not much needed in the game. To learn programming, simply start reading a book or start programming on your computer – provided that you’ve one.

Coming to the career options, programming is not only needed for tech guru, criminal, and secret agents, but a high level programmer can earn money by completing different freelancer jobs online. Unlike other skills, programming requires a lot of time investment, therefore; make sure to get a decent computer and table before starting.

Here’s what you’ll learn at each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Learn programming
  • Level 2: Plug-ins unlock
  • Level 3: Modding games unlock
  • Level 4: Develop viruses
  • Level 5: Start freelancing
  • Level 6: Start hacking at work
  • Level 7: Develop mobile applications
  • Level 8: Improve hacking skills
  • Level 9: Develop PC games
  • Level 10: Advanced level hacking

Rocket Science
Although no other career except Astronomy requires this skill, it’s exceedingly fun to develop. You can begin learning this skill by simply reading a book or buying a Steampunk Flyamajig rocket.

After you’ve built the rocket-ship, you can hop in it and start exploring space which is required to complete a couple of space collectibles. Do note that exploring the outer space is a dangerous task and your Sim can die in some cases. Here’s what you unlock with each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Start building rockets and go exploring space
  • Level 2: Faster building and upgrading
  • Level 3: Increased fuel storage
  • Level 4: Faster building and upgrading
  • Level 5: Better manoeuvre thrusts
  • Level 6: Increased cargo bay storage
  • Level 7: Cannon Defence System unlocks
  • Level 8: Faster building and upgrading
  • Level 9: Automated Landing unlocks
  • Level 10: All hail the rocket scientist

Developing this skill was my most pleasant moment in the game. Just sit down on your couch, put out your mobile phone, and start playing a game to start learning this skill. Videogames not only induce positive moodlets, but also fulfils your Sim’s fun need.

At the beginning of this skill, your choices will be limited, but after reaching higher levels, you’ll gain access to a wider library of the games and compete in national gaming tournaments. In addition to this, you can also opt for gaming as a career option in tech guru. Here’s everything you learn at each level of videogaming skill:

  • Level 1: Start playing
  • Level 2: Discuss gaming with other Sims
  • Level 3: Novice gaming tournaments
  • Level 4: Increased skill at games
  • Level 5: Research strategies on the internet
  • Level 6: Professional gaming tournaments
  • Level 7: Livestream tournaments
  • Level 8: Taunt noob Sims
  • Level 9: Become an elite gamer
  • Level 10: Become a legendary gamer

The last and final skill related to musical instruments is violin. You can either buy a violin and start learning or read a book written on violins. Similar to other musical instrument skills, your skill at the beginner levels will be quite limited, but after reaching advanced levels, you’ll unlock different musical genres, license songs, and even earn by selling your music.

Here’s everything you unlock at each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Start playing
  • Level 2: Research music on the internet
  • Level 3: Traditional songs unlock
  • Level 4: Concerto and rock songs unlock
  • Level 5: Country songs unlock
  • Level 6: Romantic songs unlock
  • Level 7: Eastern songs unlock
  • Level 8: Start writing and scraping songs
  • Level 9: Advanced classical songs unlock along with licensing songs
  • Level 10: Avant-Garde songs and mentoring skills unlock

Those Sims who want to opt writing as a profession must develop this skill higher enough. You can start learning this skill by either writing on a computer or reading a book on writing. Over the course of developing writing skill, your Sim will begin writing short stories and poetry.

Coming to the career options, writers can self-publish books to earn revenue or sell them to a publisher. Do note that a write cannot write a complete book in one sitting and must perform other fun activities before coming back to writing.

Here’s everything that you unlock at each level of writing skill:

  • Level 1: Begin writing
  • Level 2: Self-publish books
  • Level 3: Discuss books with other Sims, short stories unlock, and start reading non-fiction books
  • Level 4: Poems and love emails unlock
  • Level 5: Non-fiction and selling to publisher unlock
  • Level 6: Screenplays unlock
  • Level 7: Fantasy genre unlocks
  • Level 8: Science fiction unlocks
  • Level 9: Mystery genre unlocks
  • Level 10: Biography and mentoring skill unlocks

Child Skills

In contrast to teen skills, there are only four child skills and there are no books to start learning them. The only way to learn a child skill is by start doing it. Here’s a rundown of all child skills featured in the game:

The creativity of a child can be initiated by playing with toys and start drawing different things. It is also possible to let two children play with a single toy which will improve creativity of both children. Here’s what you unlock at each level of creativity:

  • Level 1: Start playing and drawing
  • Level 2: New paintings unlock
  • Level 3: Increased satisfaction for playing Pirate Ship Jungle Gym
  • Level 4: Daydreaming and new paintings unlock
  • Level 5: Get inspired while playing
  • Level 6: New images and moodlets unlock
  • Level 7: Start writing stories and increased satisfaction from playing Pirate Ship Jungle Gym
  • Level 8: New paintings unlock
  • Level 9: Storytelling
  • Level 10: piano and violin skills unlock

This skill is developed by working at the science table and playing chess. Directly related to Logic, here’s what you unlock at each level of the mental skill:

  • Level 1: Start developing logic
  • Level 2: Arithmetic games on PC
  • Level 3: Improved brain activities
  • Level 4: Health Potion unlocks along with better moodlets for playing Arithmetic games
  • Level 5: Talk about fractions with other Sims
  • Level 6: Simpeida research unlocks
  • Level 7: Emotion Potion unlocks
  • Level 8: Improved brain activities
  • Level 9: Faster levelling up from different activities and mental telepathy unlock
  • Level 10: Stink Drink unlocks along with logic, videogaming, and fishing skills

This child skill is related to fitness skill of teens and can be developed by playing on the jungle gyms and monkey bars. Here’s everything you unlock at each level of this skill:

  • Level 1: Start practising
  • Level 2: Improved motor skills
  • Level 3: Typing tips from other Sims unlock
  • Level 4: Keyboard Commander unlocks on PC
  • Level 5: Hanging out on the Monkey Bars
  • Level 6: High Score moodlet from Keyboard Commander
  • Level 7: Positive moodlets from Monkey Bars
  • Level 8: Improved motor skills
  • Level 9: Increased motor skills development
  • Level 10: Powerful moodlet from the Monkey Bars

Social skill for children is equivalent to charisma skill for teen. This skill can be developed by talking to toys, other Sims, or even in front of a mirror. Here’s everything you’ll unlock at each level of social skill:

  • Level 1: Start talking
  • Level 2: unlocks
  • Level 3: Improved creative faculties
  • Level 4: Better moodlets from watching
  • Level 5: Better moodlets by playing with teddy
  • Level 6: Researching idioms on the internet
  • Level 7: Talk about school with others kid Sims
  • Level 8: Improved social skills
  • Level 9: Reduced embarrassment, stress, and uncomfortableness by talking to giant stuff animal
  • Level 10: Skill in mischief and charisma

Mentoring Skills

If you have read about teen skill above, you’ll know that teen skill are able to mentor other Sims once they reach Level 10 in that particular skill. For example, if you have reached Level 10 in Guitar Skill and see someone playing guitar in a nightclub, you can go to them and after an introduction, offer them to mentor them in that skill. Sims under the teachings of a mentor tends to learn that skill faster than those without a mentor.

This is all I have on The Sims 4 skills! If you found anything missing or confusing, let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

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