The Sims 4 Mods Add Full-Body Freckles, New Hairstyles, Backgrounds and Attires

The Sims 4 Create-a-Sim demo gave players a fine taste of what to expect from the game, but it’s the dedicated modding community that is striving hard to bring out its true potential. Although it’s not much, but these mods have indeed ameliorated what Maxis created.

Let’s start with improved pair of pumps for female Sims. This mod takes the default red female pumps and transforms the colour scheme into a more vivid cherry red colour – which clearly looks more elegant.

Red Pumps

Next, we have LumiaLover Sims who has created 18 different backgrounds for Create-a-Sim demo. Ranging from solid colours to stylized-patterns, one background can be used at a time. Have a look at them in the gallery below:

A couple of mods have added chapped lips and a custom international jacket with different flags incorporated into it – US, UK, Mexico, and Africa.

The Sims Chapped Lips

The Sims International Jacket

Furthermore, there are a couple of rainbow jackets for male Sims and newly designed skirts for female Sims. It certainly seems like there is a lot of effort and research put into it since most of these match up really well with other clothing options.

Coming to my personal favourite mod; Maxis added the ability to have freckles on your Sim, but it was only confined to face. However, with new freckles mod, players can extend the freckles all over their Sims’ bodies. Finally, I’ll be able to recreate the perfect Emma Watson.

Last but not the least, there are a ton of new hairstyles and colours added to the demo. Do check them out and share your thoughts with us!

The Sims 4 is slated to launch on Sept. 2 for Windows PC.

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