The Sims 4 Furniture and Decorations Guide – How to Decorate

While having a big house has its charm and glory, it’s as good as useless if you don’t have the required items to fill it with.

Sims with houses won’t be too please with empty rooms that spell boredom and dullness. This is exactly where the all-important role of Furniture and Decorations come in.

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The Sims 4 Furniture and Decorations

Furniture is almost an absolute necessity – you need your couches, chairs, and tables for everyday use. However, one shouldn’t overlook Decorations either, as having a well-decorated household can lead to positive moodlets, something essential for maintaining a progressive lifestyle.

We’re going to look at the necessities each part of your house needs to utilize the space in the best possible ways.

Living Room
Most of the time spent by Sims in the house will be in the living room, because you know, they aren’t like us real life lazy people to stay inside the bedrooms all the time. Sims like to socialize, and this is the area they’ll do it in.

This is exactly why the living room in your Sim’s house needs plenty of attention and decoration. The first and foremost is a good place to sit, which is why you should be placing a few couches and a table.

The living room is where a family or set of friends tend to gather up as well, so it’s always a good idea to have a TV and some stereo. Add in a nice carpet here, and some lighting through a couple of stylish lamps to make it both simple and attractive.

If you have a small house, it might be a good idea to accommodate a dining table within the living room as well, so the family (or the lonely Sim) can sit together and watch TV while having dinner.

You can also add a fireplace to make the living room further comfortable and give out some positive moodlets, though you might want to add a smoke detector near it as well.

Ah yes, it’s the cozy bedroom, keyword being ‘cozy’. The bedroom is there to meet your Sim’s Energy need.

It’s the place they go to for resting, and the place they wake up from every day. You should be investing a bit extra to get the best bedroom equipment possible, of which the primary one is of course the bed.

Make sure you have a good quality bed to ensure your Sim gets the required Energy levels and proper rest. In addition, you also want a dresser, mirror, and a few drawers, along with a couple of side tables with small lamps for the required lighting.

Add in a nice carpet and you have a perfect little place for your Sims to rest. You can also add additional stuff like a smaller TV or exercising tools, which come in handy if the Sim lives alone.

However, when living in a family, it’s best to avoid those as they can create noise that other Sims would get disturbed from.

The bathroom will normally be the smallest room (or set of rooms) in a household. It will however be one of the most important, and will require top-notch items. It’s always beneficial if you can manage to attach a bathroom with a bedroom for ease of access.

The first and most important thing a bathroom needs is the toilet, which gets the bladder needs of your Sims sorted. The second is a shower or tub.

Actually, it’s best if you get a combination of the two if you don’t have a large enough bathroom. This allows Sims to take bubble baths or steamy showers, which can give different moodlets and also provide their hygienic needs.

Also, make sure your bathroom has a mirror and sink, and is well lit (use bright lights and bright tiles). The last thing you want is Sims to be washing their hands with the wrong water.

The Kitchen makes sure that the Hunger need is met. There are two extremely important items that are required in the kitchen: the stove and the refrigerator. The stove will allow your Sims to make different kinds of meals for themselves, and the refrigerator is there for obvious reasons.

In addition to this, make sure your kitchen has a decent sized trashcan, and it’s always handy to have a counter for some cutting and salad-making. You should also have a sink in the kitchen.

Additional items that can really help the hungry Sims are a microwave oven, coffee maker, and maybe even a small stool with counter so you can quickly eat your meals right after making them.

Also make sure that your kitchen has a few cabinets and plenty of lighting so the Sims can cook in a bright environment and utilize the cabinet spaces.

Study Room
Many Sims come back home and need to do some studying or extra work, and for that they need a specific place. To provide such needs, you want to make sure you have some kind of space in the house for the study.

If a Sim is living alone, it’s best if the study is attached with the living room.

However, if you have enough space, making a separate study room for your Sims is optimum. You should have a desk with a study lamp, a chair, and a computer for the work. Reading is a good habit and can develop several skills, so having a bookshelf and a comfortable chair to read on is always a great addition to the study room.

Dining Area
If your Sims have a large house, you can probably afford them a completely separate room for dining. Dining Rooms shouldn’t be a priority, as mostly the eating place can be combined with the living room or even kitchen.

When you do have space though, it’s never too bad to have a large dining table, some awesome decorations, and good lighting in a completely separate room.

Children’s Room
If your household has children, you may want to set up their room in a manner that suits their kiddy needs. This will allow them to grow up and develop good skills as they do in a positive environment.

Children’s rooms are basically bedrooms but with surroundings to encourage playfulness. Give a colorful and cartoonish themed paintjob, with stuffed toys and other goodies as decorations.

However, make sure that you sell these things once the children grow up, as you don’t want to be embarrassing them with a kid’s room.

The outside of your house may not be as important as the inside, but it still has a good bit of value. Landscaping is important, especially if your Sims want to get a breath of fresh air just outside.

For this, plant some trees in your lot, and then use the terrain paint to help further landscape the region.

Terrain paint is free, and you can make a walkway or patio with it without any hassle. Once you have a patio, you can put some neat decorations like plant pots on them, just like you would with any room inside the house.

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