Try The Sims 4 Character Creation Demo Right Now

It’s almost time for The Sims 4 to come out and have everyone’s little cousins playing it until the wee hours of the night, making houses and forging secret relationships based on real life. Until then, publisher EA has made a demo available on Origin that you can download for free to give it a spin.

In particular, the demo lets you do one of the two things people spend the most time on in this game: make a character. Since The Sims 4 goes pretty damn far in character creation, you’ll be pushing and pulling every which way for quite a while.

In the demo, you can name a household and add several adult Sims to it, both male and female. You can assign a role to them, as well as picking out a few personality traits, such as sporty, nerdy and so on.

These specific traits will make each Sim more proficient in a certain area in the game. Our favorite is the Slob Sim, who has the powerful ability to rummage through trash for food.

Naturally, anything on the body can be adjusted finely, from nose width to bigger pupils, slender arms or giant pecs. Once molded, you’ll also have access to a pretty neat range of clothes and different accessories to really personalize your Sim.

Characters made with The Sims 4 demo also allow you to share your creations with the rest of the community. These can either favorite the households they like or download those they’d like to use.

The Sims 4 is due for release on September 4, 2014.

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