The Sea of Thieves Endgame Has Been Revealed, Prod1gyX Becomes A Pirate Legend

Sea of Thieves has its first Pirate Legend-ranked player in the form of Twitch streamer Prod1gyX, who managed to get maximum reputation with all three of the different factions and unlock the Sea of Thieves endgame, granting him the title of Pirate Legend.

Pirate Legends are those players in Sea of Thieves who manage to get to the maximum level of reputation with the three factions in the game: the Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls, and the Merchant’s Alliance. Each faction will hand you a certain type of quest, whether it’s hunting for treasure, gathering supplies, or fighting skeleton hordes to gain magical artifacts.

Each of the different factions will test your pirate skills in a certain area, whether it’s treasure hunting, fighting enemies, and capturing animals. Once you’ve gained the maximum reputation for all three factions, you’ll enter the Sea of Thieves endgame.

A character called the Mysterious Stranger will then give you several rewards. These include a new shanty that you can play, a new title that you can proclaim, and a sweet new outfit that you can wear. All of these will help to give you access to a legendary hideout, where another character known as the Pirate Lord will begin to give you more voyage options, but these are legendary in difficulty.

All of the legendary voyages that you get in the Sea of Thieves endgame aren’t limited to an all-legend crew, so if you become a pirate legend you can drop a legendary voyage as an option in front of a crew of new players and attempt it. Whether you succeed or not is a whole other story.

It’s only been a few weeks since Sea of Thieves came out, and Prod1gyX will hopefully only be the first of the many Pirate Legends that are sure to appear in the future.