The Quarry – How To Kill Or Save Everyone

The Quarry offers a fantastic story-driven narrative that branches at every single opportunity to create a web of choices and consequences.

You have the option of running two different playthroughs. You can either choose to save all of the counselors (unlocks Rough Night achievement) or kill all of them (unlocks Hackett’s Quarry Massacre achievement) for their respective endings.

The fact is that The Quarry is designed to be run again and again to experience the effects of each and every decision in every chapter. The following guide will make that process easier by showing you how to kill or save every character in the game.

This, however, does mean that you will have to go through a lot of spoilers. If you want to enjoy The Quarry, consider not reading any further. Otherwise read on and see for yourself how to kill or save everyone.

The Quarry Characters You Can Kill Or Save

The following are the characters who can be either killed or saved depending on the decisions you have made until the designated chapters.

How To Kill Or Save Jacob

The story starts with a group of friends sitting around the fire enjoying their evening when they hear a rustle in the bushes. Since they are alone in the forest at night, they assume that the noise was some animal. It turns out that the rustling was actually Jacob who was on his way back after looking for Abagail.

Ryan, the character you will be playing, will get two chances of shooting into the bushes. If you decide to do so, your second shot will kill Jacob.

If you want to save Jacob, you have to refrain from shooting in the bushes both times. That way you will not accidentally shoot Jacob in the bushes.

How To Kill Or Save Emma

During this sequence, Emma is alone in the forest as she takes the stairs below the Treehouse. She then hears some noise outside the trapdoor.

Emma will have to choose between either going through the Treehouse or opening the trapdoor to investigate the source of the noise outside.

If you decide to open the trapdoor, Emma will be killed by the monster outside.

If you want to save Emma, choose to search the bag to look for anything useful. She will find a toolbox and use some tools to jam the trapdoor of the treehouse. Emma will ultimately save herself from the monster and survive the incident.

How To Kill Or Save Abagail

During this sequence, Abagail is in the pool house before being tossed out by Nick. Abagail will then have an option to gun him down.

Turns out that Nick will become a monster anyway. Also, if you miss your shot or choose not to shoot him, the now-turned monster Nick will kill Abagail and flee the scene through the window of the pool house.

If you want to save Abagail, choose to shoot Nick. He will still survive the shot but will run away through the window without hurting her.

How To Kill Or Save Travis

You are now playing as Laura who is in the police station sleeping in her bed. Then with the help of Max, you will devise a scheme to kill Travis by Laura pretending that she has an injury.

Travis will come into her cell to check on her. While Travis is checking her, Laura steals her gun and kills him.

You will have an option to pick a syringe while you were exploring the police station. If you want to save Travis, use this syringe on Travis to make him unconscious while he is checking you. This will save him.

How To Kill Or Save Nick

Remember when Nick became a monster in the previous chapter? As Ryan and Laura are roaming around the Hackett House, they come across a jail cell. Inside they find a monster that they believe to be Nick.

In fact, that monster is Nick who hunters have caught and imprisoned for everyone’s protection. Laura then opens the cell and shoots Nick.

If you want to save Nick, you must stop Laura from opening the cage. Then she will not shoot Nick and he will survive after he will be healed in later chapters.

How To Kill Or Save Dylan

This time you are playing as Kaitlyn, and you are wandering around in the scrapyard trying to find a car. Suddenly Dylan sees from the crane that something is triggering the motion sensor lights from far away. Upon further inspection, he realizes that it’s the monster and sounds the horn to warn Kaitlyn.

This strategy won’t work, and the monster comes for Nick as he hears the horn. Kaitlyn will have the option to smash the monster with the car and if she misses that monster will come for Dylan and kill him.

If you want to save Dylan, Kaitlyn must smash the monster in the Quick-Time Event and not miss. That way Kaitlyn will kill the monster and save Dylan’s life.

How To Kill Or Save Laura And Ryan

This time Laura has turned into a monster and tries to kill Travis. Ryan will get a chance to shoot Chris Hackett which leads Laura into returning to normal.

Travis will then stab Laura with a piece of glass and kill her in revenge for shooting him in the jail cell in Chapter 7. He then also kills Ryan by shooting him in the face.

Take note that you can do nothing to save Laura and Ryan in this chapter. It all depends on what you did in Chapter 7. If you didn’t shoot Travis back then in the jail cell, Travis will leave Laura and Ryan alone.

If you shot Travis in Chapter 7, you must go back to replay the chapter and not shoot him to gain his sympathy later on.

How To Kill Or Save Max

This time Max is on the island. A quick-time event happens and if Max chooses to swim toward shore, he will get killed by Caleb who is in his monster form and waiting for him on the shore.

If you choose to stay on the docks, Max will survive because Caleb is on the other side. If you choose to swim, he will be killed.

How To Kill Or Save Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is one of the last people to get killed in The Quarry. It happens in the Lodge when Kaitlyn and Caleb are together. Note that Caleb is a monster here.

A quick-time event happens when Caleb is near the stairs and if you choose to wait then this will give Calen enough time and a chance to kill Kaitlyn.

If Kaitlyn chooses to shoot Caleb on the stairs when the quick-time event happens, she will survive.

Unlocking Everyone Dies Ending

You will earn Hackett’s Quarry Massacre achievement after you have killed everyone on the Quarry which are all the nine counselors.

Unlocking Everyone Survives Ending

If all the playable characters survive and you have successfully collected all the collectibles, you will be rewarded Everyone Survives.

If you have killed all the members of the Hacketts family, you will be rewarded by Family Matters as a reward. You will also get the Rough Night Trophy.

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