The Outer Worlds The Secret People Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds is full of optional activities, one of which is side quests which the players can choose to complete for extra XP, rewards and reputation. These little activities have an engaging mini-story of their own. We’ll be going into detail of a specific side quest in The Outer Worlds today called The Secret People.

The Outer Worlds The Secret People

To start this quest, go to Velma Ballard in Stellar Bay, Monarch located in the warehouse. She will inform you that Braxton might be involved in drugs due to the fact that he’s been skipping work regularly, and she’ll ask you to look into it. Accept the request and begin the quest.

In the southern portion of Stellar Bay, go up the apartments till the Second Floor where you’ll meet Laura and you can ask her about Braxton.

After persisting on Braxton’s whereabouts she’ll tell you that she’s after his stash, and tell you that a family has fallen sick in a house in the ruins south of the town; to which Braxton is delivering. An alternative to this path, you could read the Out of Deliveries note to the left of Laura which will gain you 4500 XP and lead you to the same place.

Head south towards the bridge to proceed with the quest where you’ll face Raptidon (Might want to kill it) and you’ll get to a house which is known as Mather Residence. Go inside and you’ll find Edgar Mather, who will greet you in and ask you to join for dinner should you not mention Braxton. Levi Mather and Martha Mather can also be talked to but they have no information about Braxton whatsoever.

Go upstairs where you can talk to Lizzie Mather who will mention Rocket Candies, if you lie, she will mention someone else who used to bring these candies. Upon further assessment, you’ll find out that Martha and Edgar got into an argument with Braxton over the deliveries.

At this point in the quest, you can also read Levi Mather’s Poetry Journal for more information. Upon reaching the third floor, you’ll find a locked door that requires a key that can be pickpocketed from Edgar Mather (Mather House Key). Beyond the door lies a headless corpse, which gives Braxton’s ID and 4500 XP upon searching.

Now, you are left with a few options. Once you head down, Edgar will be aware that you know the truth. Either lie to them, kill them or be rude to them. OR, you can avoid confrontation entirely and leave the house through the second floor door exit.

Head back to Velma, give her Braxton’s ID for 4500 XP. For completing the quest you will be rewarded 15000 XP, 625 Bit Cartridge and an increase in Monarch Stellar Industries reputation.

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