The Outer Worlds The Demolished Woman Quest Walkthrough

Have you embarked on your action role-playing game journey with the Outer Worlds but can’t figure out how to complete the Demolished Woman Quest? Well, worry no more! In this guide, we’ll walk you through this main quest and share some tips and tricks on how to complete it quickly.

The Outer Worlds The Demolished Woman Quest

The Demolished Woman Quest is one of the main quests in the game that players must complete first to proceed into the story further. The main goal of this quest is to accept Adjutant Sophia Akande’s request to get rid of the cartographer Rachel Lockwood and take some documents from her.

The quest gives players the liberty to make some crucial choices, and upon that, your level of trust increases or decreases with Adjutant Sophia Akande.

This quest enables players to explore the deluxe Byzantium and also gives players the option to opt for other side quests that reward some fast travel points.

To start the quest, you need to first find the marker on the map. Once located, follow it and enter the Bureau of Exploration.

Next, make your way towards the reception, and here you’ll find the Sherman Bradshaw at the desk. Approach him and interact with him to find out that Rachel has not been attending the office lately, and her whereabouts are unknown. Therefore, you must find out where Rachel has been for all these days and if there’s any mystery that needs to be uncovered.

Now go through the doors and approach the area where the elevator is. Here on a nearby corner, you’ll find a side quest waiting for you; however, it is up to you when you want to accept it. Now take the elevator and approach the door with Cartography labeled on it.

Enter the door, and here you’ll find Rachel’s office. No surprise, the office is locked. However, there’s no need to worry as we’ve got two ways to enter it. You either need to be on Hacking Level 45 or have the key to the lock. If you’re on the appropriate level, do the hacking magic and go through the doors. But if you’re depending on the latter choice, it is not hard too!

Simply make your way down to the reception and ask Sherman Bradshaw, who you found earlier on the desk, for Rachel’s office key. He’ll give you the keys without much trouble, and then you can head back by the elevator once again.

Now use the key to unlock her office and head towards her desk. Here you’ll find the documents you were asked to bring back to Adjutant Sophia Akande. In the same room, you’ll find her terminal that you can interact with and read her messages.

Upon reading her messages, you’ll find out that she’s been hiding in the tunnels all along. Now it is up to you to tell Sherman Bradshaw about her whereabouts or not. We recommend you not bother with it and just make your way across the street from the Bureau of Exploration to the tunnels.

Head into the tunnel and go along the path. Not too far in, you’ll come across Rachel, who’s obviously angry and terrified to see you. From here, you can either talk to her or kill her. We recommend just killing her there and then without leaving anything undone behind.

Once she’s taken care of, return back to Adjutant Sophia Akande and report to her about everything. And there you have it, folks! You’ve completed the Outer Worlds Demolished Woman Quest. Upon completing the quest, you’ll receive The Cartographer trophy.

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