The Outer Worlds Tasks Guide

Tasks in The Outer Worlds, are side activities that players can engage in across the various planets of the game to help the local population with their troubles. The Outer World tasks are pretty straight forward and reward players with a decent amount of XP so it is always worth taking the time out to finish them. With the help of this guide, completing these tasks shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The Outer Worlds Tasks

While you don’t necessarily have to complete these tasks, they are fun activities, have decent rewards and are a good way to get the best out of the RPG experience that The Outer Worlds has to offer.

A Small Grave Matter
There are 4 workers that are late on their payments and you have to visit each one separately to collect the fees. These four are as follows;

  1. Ludwig Miller can be found at Edgewater Landing Pad, in the southeast exterior of Edgewater. Upon meeting him, you will discover his thought on the war with the machine. Use persuade to get enlisted and you will obtain the quest Die, Robot.

Following that, after you mention Silas, he will immediately pay up. You can, however, use lie and get more gain out of him

Alternatively, you can kill him to rob the fees off him and loot his place for supplies, which there are, ample. But doing this will cause you Reputation loss with Spacer’s Choice.  

  1. Conrad Sadik is in the Barber Shop inside Edgewater. Upon talking to him, you will come to know that he is broke for real as he will start to plead and apologize. Tell him to give an “I owe you” to Silas. But you also need to take something from him as collateral.

For that, inspect the back room for a ledger where you will find a note from Phyllis about a suicide. She also demands Conrad to pull the teeth.

In the Botanical Lab Greenhouse, you will find the Golden teeth items that you should bring back to Conrad to be done with him.

Again, you can alternatively kill him and loot his place.

  1. Martin Abernathy can be found in his home inside Edgewater. He will straight up pay the dues and you’ll gain the resultant XP. Then he will offer you a quest, The Long Tomorrow whereby you’ll have to retrieve medicine cache from the Community Centre to help him. You may choose to accept it or decline at once.
  2. Phyllis Granger can be found on the upper ramparts of the Saltuna Cannery. Do not initiate a conversation with her and ask for the fees immediately. She’ll pay you as soon as you ask her, but notice that the papers she gives you are not signed in her name. Push on it a little bit and she’ll try to explain, then mention the note that you found and Conard’s to milk her some more.

Salvager in the Sky
You need to find the job posting notice and then get to the designated location to acquire the contract.

To get started, get to a terminal in Groundbreaker and read through the public notice to find a Seeking Contractor: Sublight Salvage ad. This’ll start the quest, and you’ll have to get to the SubLight office for it.

The office is near the terminal by the Medbay. Use the lift to get up to the office level and talk to Tobias Oyama to get the door to the office unlocked. Go inside and talk to Lilya Hagen to get the contract.

Upon talking to her, she’ll tell you to pick up some Alta-Vitae gas at the Saltuna loading dock in Monarch. This will complete the quest and award you a Faction Quest: Space-Crime Continuum.

Flowers for Sebastian
You need to convey Celia’s feelings to Sebastian to let her make a move, simply by talking to him.

The quest begin with you offering help to Celia to communicate on her behalf her interests. To do that, walk into Sanjar’s office in Monarch, Stellar Bay and talk to Celia Robbins about her conversation.

Go out the back door to find Sebastian there. Use persuade to communicate the situation to him. If you tell him straight up that Celia likes him, he’ll assume she want a discount or something.

Persuasion is a way to go, or you can bribe him with 838 bits or even lie to him to get the job done. Afterward, go back to Celia to let her know in order to end the quests.

While you’re talking to Sebastian, ask about Mr. Pickett. He will show you his concern about Mr. Pickett and ask you to go check on him awarding you the quest Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game.

Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game
The quest will begin when you, while conversing with Sebastian at Sanjar’s office, ask him about Mr. Pickett. Upon which he’ll tell you that he went for a mantiqueen and send you to check on him.

South of Stellar Bay from the South Ruin’s exit and through the Amber Heights is an area of Mantisaur enemies. There, you will see a sleeping Mantiqueen. You must defeat it to retrieve a journal of Mr. Picketts from its possession.

Having defeated the Mantiqueen and collected the dropped journal, all left to be done is to deliver the journal back to Sebastian to end the quest.

Rewards: 9000 XP, 375x Bit Cartridge, Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation Up

Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel
In Prosperity Plaza of Byzantium, talk to Celeste Jolicoeur to get started with the quest. She’ll ask you straight away to model three different outfits for her i.e. Marauder, Iconoclasts and Spacer.

To do that, you need to find the different Armor and Headpieces to constitute each outfit. The combinations are as follows;

Marauder: Patched Low-Pressure Helmet, Makeshift Low-Pressure Suit

Iconoclasts: Leaded Armor, Full Cranial Helmet

Spacer: Water Resistant Wear, Enclosed Padded Helmet

Having collected these pieces and modeling them for her, she’ll ask you to find some materials. These include 10 Primal Leather, 2 Raptidon Flank Hide and Mantiqueen Chitin.

For convenience, you can buy the Primal Leather at Scylla, while the other two you can purchase form Sebastian Adams in Stellar Bay. Otherwise, you can harvest the Primal Leather from the Primal Nest in Emerald Vale and the rest two can be harvested at Monarch.

Having returned the materials to her, she will send you a Writ of Consent to retrieve a Lapel from HPS. At HPS, talk to Olive Yates in Window A about the delivery, she’ll direct you to Window B, where Wanda Chen will inform you that the parcel is out for delivery already.

The delivery location will be marked on the navigation. Upon reaching, you’ll find out that the parcel is back at HPS. Head back there and onto Window B followed by Window A after which you’ll get the package. Take it back to Celeste.

Reaching back, you’ll find out that Celeste has been killed by the Guard Command for making illegal clothing. You can now loot her corpse for a key to her office in which you’ll find Chimaera, a Unique Armor left behind for you.

Rewards: 11000 XP, Unique Armor

Cupid of the Laboratory
In the Prosperity Plaza of Byzantium, speak to Giles Molina near the elevator to the Maintenance Tunnels and offer to help catch the sprats to begin the quest.

Following that, go down the elevator to the location marked on the navigation and catch the sprats. To catch them, you’ll have to chase them down and use the interact button. During that, you need to be wary of the Sprat Exterminator System as well s Kobalos, the boss sprat that might attack you.

Return all six to Giles in order to end the quest.

Rewards: 19000 XP, 1125 Bit Cartridge

All Halcyon in a Day
In the Bureau of E xploration in Byzantium speak with Alonzo Vallejos to obtain this quest and begin the tour. The tour involves finding a few beacons, among other things.

The First Beacon is right underneath the Rococo’s Decor sign in the corner of the Prosperity Plaza. The Second Beacon is north of Edgewater in Emerald Vale. There, just east of the Abandoned Industrial Zone are a number of Primals that seem to be guarding the beacon, kill them to get this.

The third one is on Scylla west of the landing pad just outside the protective barrier. Locate it and jump outside to bring it back immediately before you die in a couple of seconds. The last beacon is on Monarch outside Stellar Bay in the southwest direction where Canids rule the day. Kill them to get the beacon.

Having done all that, get to Alonzo to end the quest.

Reward: 15000 XP

Odd Jobs
At Amber Heights, find Bronson the quartermaster, probably near the vending machine, to acquire this quest.

First off, you need to shut down electricity remotely. For that, you need level 55 Science. Then with the same level of Engineering, you need to reroute the steam flow in order to let it to vent safely and thirdly you have to restore the Guard House Communications, either by resetting the breaker situated outside or through digital means.

Once all this is done, report back to Bronson to complete the quest.

Rewards: 375 Bit Cartridge, 9000 XP and Iconoclasts Reputation Up

Mandibles of Doom
Berthold the leader of the mercenaries is captured at a location. you need to go free him.

To gain this quest, you have to either talk to the mercenaries on Monarch at the C3 Barracks.

Having done so, the navigation will lead you outside the Devil’s Peak Cavern. Go inside and to the left and fight your way up through all the enemies until you reach the place where Berthold is being held. You’ll see that he is being guarded by a Mega Mantiqueen. Defeating it will free the leader of the mercenaries.

He will then ask you to meet him back at the C3 Barracks where upon meeting with him, the quest will come to an end.

Rewards: 14000 XP

The Lying Earth
Minister Clarke has sensible information to deliver to the Earth and the only way to do that from Halcyon is through the Chairman’s Office at the HHC.

You acquire this task when talking to Minister Clarke where he asks you to use Rockwell’s access to send his Data Cartridge to Earth.

At the HHC building you have to enter inside using the key card you gained if you have completed Balance Due. If not, then you’ll have to go to the front door the bribe the guards with 2000 bits to enter. If you don’t even have 2000 bits, then you’ll have to use the maintenance tunnels to get inside.

Once inside, talk to the guard named Bachmeyer. Following that, go up the elevator to the Percival Platt and go past him to gain access to the communications. From there send the Data and report back to Clarke.

Rewards: 17000 XP

Left of the entrance of Fallbrook in Monarch, talk to Nelson Mayson to get the task started.

This task is fairly easy and very indulging to execute. Just head to all the marked navigation points and persuade or execute the sprats to loot them for the missing inventory.

Rewards: 8400 XP, 1000-1800 Bit Cartridge, SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up