The Outer Worlds Supernova Difficulty Explained, More Than Just Permadeath

Obsidian has implemented a very hard difficulty before. It was called the hardcore mode in Fallout New Vegas. Now, The Outer Worlds have revealed Supernova as the max difficulty.

Lead narrative designer Megan Starks spoke about the difficulty and what it entails. The way it’s shaping up, only the most hardcore players should go for this. Not only because it features permadeath and starvation. The difficulty also features permanent effects to stats.

Let’s talk about the status effects first. One thing the Outer Worlds talked about in the past was flaws. Flaws are optional character traits you can accept based on an incident or situation. Injuring yourself badly from falling a height can induce a fear of heights for example.

In any other difficulty mode, this flaw system is optional. You can choose to have your character affected or not. This is good for roleplaying. In the Outer Worlds Supernova difficulty, it’s not optional. This means you’ll have to accept and adapt whatever flaws come your way.

Of course, it’ll add a layer of being more careful to the player. Of course, it could be annoying when it’s unexpected. To each their own, it’s definitely immersive.

Another thing Starks talked about was how your stats can change. She gave an example with character intelligence. Just like Fallout New Vegas, character dialogue changes based on traits. A stupid character will say stupid things. You can’t say those things without low intelligence.

In Supernova difficulty, it’s possible to actually lose intelligence points. The example was with heavy damage to the head. I’m sure other methods like drug usage might also come into play. This enhances the character creation tool a bit. You’ll be building your character as you playthrough the game.

I’m still not onboard with the permadeath feature so much. No matter what you say, sometimes you can die to bullshit. Clipping through the floor for example. Imagine an entire playthrough getting lost from a basic bug or glitch? Food for thought is all.

The Outer Worlds will release on October 25th 2019. The game will also feature in the Xbox Games Pass.

Source: wcctech

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