The Outer Worlds isn’t Getting a Multiplayer Mode

Obsidian designer Leonard Boyarsky has confirmed that The Outer Worlds is a single player only game without any multiplayer mode.

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming RPG The Outer Worlds is a single player only game with no multiplayer mode. This was confirmed by Obsidian designer Leonard Boyarsky recently.

Leonard Boyarsky explained the reason for no multiplayer mode in The Outer Worlds by saying that the team wanted to focus on the single player aspects of the game in order to provide gamers with a detailed story. The developer worked on the game from scratch so there wasn’t any time to work on The Outer Worlds multiplayer.

According to Boyarsky, single player games are not dead. He is also very proud of the fact that The Outer Worlds is one of the few single-player games to release until 2020.

Personally, I prefer the depth of depth that you can get in a single-player RPG, and when you play with other people, you sometimes have to water it down a bit to make it work better for the multiplayer experience, and we really focus on that game on the singleplayer

The good news is that The Outer Worlds will feature an in-depth story filled with content for the players to enjoy. Single player fans can rest easy as Boyarsky has guaranteed that The Outer Worlds will provide an immersive single-player experience for all the waiting fans.

Since there’s no multiplayer in The Outer Worlds, we can expect Obsidian to release story DLCs for the game after launch to keep the fans interested in the game for long.

We got to see a new trailer of the upcoming game at E3 2019. Players can check out the trailer below to learn more about the game.

The new trailer shows us breathtaking visuals and reveals more about the game’s sci-fi world, game characters, and creatures that we will come across in the game. In the end, the trailer also confirms that the game will arrive as a part of Xbox Game Pass subscription for Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Interested folks can now pre-order The Outer Worlds from the game’s official site, Sony’s PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store.

Unfortunately, the upcoming game from creators of Fallout New Vegas will not be available on Steam at launch. That’s because The Outer Worlds is an Epic Store exclusive for some time. Steam users will have to wait until 2020 to purchase the game.

Single players fans will be happy to know that the upcoming RPG from Obsidian will come with various difficulty options including a survival mode. Survival mode is specially designed for hardcore players.

Moreover, The Outer Worlds will feature multiple endings according to the senior narrative designer of Obsidian studios, Ms. Megan Starks. Those interested in the length of the game should know that it’s not a very long story as confirmed by the game’s co-creator Tim Cain. In addition to this, Fallout series fans will be disappointed to know that there will be no romance options in The Outer Worlds.

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is scheduled to release on October 25 for Xbox One with Game Pass, PC and PlayStation 4.

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