The Outer Worlds Shows Off At The Tokyo Game Show 2019 With New Extensive Gameplay

The Obsidian team did not want to miss the Tokyo Game Show 2019, and they took their promising The Outer Worlds game with them. They showed a new video with about 20 minutes of pure gameplay with voices in English and texts in Chinese.

The new role-playing adventure of the authors of Fallout: New Vegas or the most recent Pillars of Eternity takes us to the future, to a distant planet populated by the most diverse characters. There we will have a great freedom of action to act as we please, which will obviously determine the course of history.

The project is very ambitious and Obsidian has already recognized that it has many more stories to tell in the universe of The Outer Worlds, although for now they are focused on this first video game that releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 25.

The creators announced that the game will later release on the Nintendo Switch.

Obsidian is tremendously known for creating great role-playing video games, however, some fans also link the studio with a certain carelessness in terms of finishing their video games. That, apparently, will not be repeated with The Outer Worlds.

Megan Starks, narrative director of the anticipated action RPG, said that, in fact, part of the motivation to launch the game later than they had originally planned in October, has been to have a proper game completed and tested.

With Pillars of Eternity and its second part we were the ones who decided when it went on sale, and in both cases we decided to delay the games a few months to launch them much improved. That makes a difference regarding our previous games. We are not complete idiots, we know that we have a reputation for launching games with bugs. And, although part of it is endemic when it comes to launching large and complicated games with thousands of intersecting paths, it is also true that it is in our hand reduce bugs as much as possible.

The Outer Worlds already looks like it’s going to be something big. The devs have talked about the most curious possibility for the title, and it is that any non-playable character can be killed.

Anyone you see, you can kill, [so] there’s got to be a way to get whatever they were going to give you, whether it’s a terminal entry or you can loot something off of their body or there’s a chest in their office that you would now lock-pick to get the information from. We gotta start figuring out all of those.

When we’re looking at the quest itself, we have to now have updates that will fire to show, ‘OK, you got this information by doing this,’ and make sure that the [dialogue makes] sense. For example, you can’t have an NPC saying that you bought an item from someone when you ripped it off their cold, dead body. So that adds complexity [and] also the localization budget goes through the roof.

Although all this, of course, includes marathon work days, the truth is that the Obsidian team is committed to preventing the exploitation of their workers.

I remind you that The Outer Worlds releases for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 25.

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