The Outer Worlds Sales Hit 2 Million Units In Four Months

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds, their first-person spacefaring RPG that came out back in October, has hit over 2 million units in just four months. The news came during Take-Two Interactive’s Q3 fiscal call, and Take-Two even said that The Outer Worlds sales had surpassed their expectations for the game’s success.

The Outer Worlds had a lot of hype around it following Bethesda’s release of Fallout 76, with many gamers wanting to see how Obsidian does such a game. Obsidian’s previous Fallout game, Fallout: New Vegas, is seen as one of the best Fallout games despite its many technical issues.

The Outer Worlds takes place in the far future, where players find themselves the sole conscious colonist on a lost colony ship called the Hope and taken in by the shady scientist Phineas Welles, to try and overthrow the megacorporation that has taken over the Halcyon system, or however else they decide to end the plot.

Complete with the requisite cast of colorful characters, including a priest of the megacorporation’s local religion, a mechanic, a piratical doctor, a combat-capable cleaning robot, and more, the player has the entirety of the Halcyon system as their oyster, and can choose to align either with Welles or the Board.

Faced with the non-competition that was Fallout 76, it’s no big surprise that The Outer Worlds sales were so high, as people were looking for an actual Fallout game that they were more familiar with, rather than the forced MMO that Fallout 76 was.

With so many colorful characters, a hilariously depressing corporate atmosphere present everywhere you go, and the great writing that Obsidian Entertainment is known for, one can say that The Outer Worlds deserves every bit of success that it’s getting. You can contribute to The Outer Worlds sales yourself by buying the game for Xbox One, Playstation 4, or PC.