The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer Location Guide

The Prismatic Hammer is a very helpful and powerful science weapon in The Outer Worlds and it gives out elemental damage. To get this weapon, you need to first get to the Groundbreaker. In this guide, we will talk about in detail how to get your hands on the Prismatic Hammer.

The Outer Worlds Prismatic Hammer

Make your way to the Groundbreaker and once you reach there, you are going to find a security desk, and you have to take a left from there. You have to find the place with the bunk beds, which is behind the crates area.

The reason you are here is that, above the bunk beds, you are going to find a ventilation shaft. Climb over the bed and inside the shaft to go to the secret area.

Once here, you need to be ready as you are going to come across a lot of enemies in this area. Use your buffs and abilities to take all of them down. Among the corpses, you are going to find a key so you need to check the bodies.

The key is going to help you in opening the door which is at the back of the secret area. In the secret area, you are going to find a terminal with all the information on the Prismatic Hammer. You will find a safe, next to the computer, which has the Prismatic Hammer inside.

Now, to get out, you have to pass the guards, for which you can do some things. Either you can use Lockpicking to open the door but remember, to open the door, you need to be on level 60 for Lock picking. You can also pickpocket the key out of the guard.

This is all you have to do to get the Prismatic Hammer in your hands and enjoy the strength of it