The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Perks Guide

Peril on Gorgon is the newly released DLC for the Outer Worlds. The DLC introduces players to new weapons, armor, and perks. In this The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Perks guide, we’ll be showing you details regarding each perk and what benefits they can offer you on your adventure.

The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Perks

The journey on Gorgon can be rough, and selecting the right perks to assist you is important to win most encounters.

We have drafted a list of all available perks for you, so you can make a more educated decision regarding which ones you’ll be purchasing first.

Perk Tier Cost Effect
Applied Science 1 1 Perk Point +25% Science Weapon Magazine Size
Nietzsche’s Reward 1 1 Perk Point +5% Damage per Flaw
Assassin 2 1 Perk Point +25% Quiet Weapon Damage Range is 2.5 meters or less
Lone Master 2 1 Perk Point Skills +5 if no Companions in party Skills +10 if no Companions in party
Improvisation Warrior 3 1 Perk Point +300% Improvised Weapon Damage +75% Improvised Weapon Degradation
Concentrate Fire 3 1 Perk Point +10% Damage per subsequent hit
Rust Bucket Resistance 4 3 Prev. Perks -20% Automechanical Damage Received if you have Parvati in your team
Chrono-Harmony 5 4 Prev. Perks +25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter when Parvati kills an enemy
Radiation Proofing 4 3 Prev. Perks -20% N-ray Damage Received
Bedazzle Automechanicals 5 4 Prev. Perks SAM can stun targets
Grand Justice 4 3 Prev. Perks Victor Max can ignore 50% Armor Rating
Planned Intervention 5 4 Prev. Perks Max will taunt nearby enemies and tank damage if you’re low health
Grand Exploration 4 3 Prev. Perks +100% Location Discovery Experience
Cunning Strikes 5 4 Prev. Perks +20% Sneak Attack Damage
Antagonistic Fury 5 4 Prev. Perks +20% Negative Faction Damage for Felix to anyone who has Negative Reputation with you
This.Is.Tossball! 4 3 Prev. Perks Felix gets +50% Tossball Weapon Damage
Emergency Med Tech 4 3 Prev. Perks Gain +50% healing from Inhaler when under 20% health
Magic Bullets 5 4 Prev. Perks Shots from Ellie’s Ability ricochet to a nearby enemy

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