Virtuous is Pushing the Limits With The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch

Virtuos, the studio that ported L.A Noire, Dark Souls Remastered and more on Nintendo Switch is one of the reasons that fans believe that the console can support high-end gaming. Now, the studio is working on porting The Outer Worlds to Nintendo Switch and promise that it will be as close to the original as possible. All that will be possible by pushing Nintendo Switch to the limits.

Elijah Freeman, CEO of Virtuos has recently talked with GamesIndustry and his view on Nintendo’s current console was filled with promise. According to him, Nintendo Switch isn’t a secondary platform and encourages developers to push a simultaneous release for it along with the rest of the platforms. He said:

“Look towards the Switch as a way to rejuvenate a brand. The audience is younger than those who typically own other consoles. Having your IP on the Switch is a great way to invest in the future.”

What’s interesting is that he also believes that any game port to Nintendo Switch should have unique features and extra content to spice things up. Consider something like what they’ve done with Starlink: Battle for Atlas and the implementation of Starfox as a playable character. We might expect this from The Outer Worlds too. Giving fans the extra treatment is always a good reason to invest in a game.

Given Virtuos’ interest on Nintendo’s hybrid console, it’s only natural for them to be pushing their work to excellence. For example, The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is one of the most promising releases for 2020. Freeman promises that Virtuos will be making the game as close to the original as possible. To prove his point, he continues:

“We have a strong team of technical artists who are rearranging and streamlining workflow. We’ve set up a VIP — a Very Important Place — in the room. It is basically a table with TV sets where we constantly cross-compare the Switch version with other SKUs. We are excited about our progress. We feel that we’re pushing the limits of what is possible on the Switch.”

The fact that a porting team goes through cross-comparing editions to make a project possible is incredible. The Switch players have to compromise with low graphics and clunky movement pretty much constantly. This gives us another reason to believe that the console hasn’t seen its best yet.

In fact, players have grown to have fewer expectations from the hybrid console. That’s mainly because it’s portable. Virtuos though, as well as other porting studios like Panic Button Games prove that high-end gaming on the Nintendo Switch is possible.

For now, it’s confirmed that the game will release on October 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Store. You can now also pre-order the game from Sony PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

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