Is The Outer Worlds Also Coming to Nintendo Switch Lite?

Obsidian Entertainment recently announced that The Outer Worlds RPG will arrive on Nintendo Switch Lite. But the company didn’t reveal if The Outer Worlds will release for Nintendo Switch Lite or not.

To find an answer, we decided to contact the developer. Obsidian replied with neither a yes or no to The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Lite version.

Here’s what Obsidian PR said:

At the moment we have nothing to comment or add on top of the media alert sent.

Given the lack of a yes or no, it is safe to assume that the game will release for Nintendo Switch Lite. It doesn’t make sense that why will Obsidian skip the latest version of Switch.

For those who don’t know, not every game that is available on Nintendo Switch will work with Switch Lite. There are some limitations with the new Switch version. Keeping that in mind, developers have to create two different versions of the game for standard Nintendo Switch dock and for Lite. With that said, let’s hope that The Outer Worlds looks good on Nintendo Switch Lite handheld as much as the docked version.

However, to play The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch you will have to wait a little longer. Obsidian Entertainment said during the official announcement that the sci-fi RPG shooter is coming to Switch platform “following the launch of the other platforms”.

In case you don’t know, The Outer Worlds is a first-person action game in development by the creators of Fallout: New Vegas. And we think that the upcoming game will be as big as New Vegas. Do check out The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below to learn more about the gameplay.

As for the question when does Nintendo Switch Lite will release? It’s slated to come out on September 20. Switch Lite is now finally available for pre-order at different retailers including Amazon. It’s $100 cheaper than the standard Switch. Switch Lite will cost you $199, £199.99 and AU$329.95. So if you ever wanted to buy Switch then now is a perfect time.

Despite some limitations, Switch Lite is identical to the original console. Nintendo Switch Lite is lighter, smaller, and less expensive in comparison to standard Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch Lite will not come with a dock mode. Players will now have to use the control sticks and buttons present on the system instead of the removable joy-cons.

Nintendo announced that the games which support handheld mode will run on Switch Lite. Keeping that in mind, hopefully, players will be able to play The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch Lite in the future.

We will make to let you guys know first when Obsidian reveals The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch lite release date.

For now, it’s confirmed that the game will release on October 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Epic Store. You can now also pre-order the game from Sony PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

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