The Outer Worlds Nice Outfit Guide

Thanks to Obsidian’s amazing work on the RPG elements of the game, armor, and outfits work the same in The Outer Worlds. If you like a particularly good looking piece of gear, you can continue to use it for as long as you want by simply upgrading its stats at a workbench. In this guide, we will talk about getting your hands on some specific outfits to unlock the Well-Dressed achievement.

The Outer Worlds Nice Outfit

As mentioned above, armor and outfits are the same, however, for the Well Dressed achievement, the game requires players to wear a Nice Hat and Chimaera. Now, these are two specific outfit pieces that can only be acquired from certain areas of the game.

Let’s start off with the Nice Hat first. The hat can be found outside of Stellar Bay on Monarch. It’s in the OSI Church just south of Stellar Bar, being worn by a skeleton. The church has four blue pillars so it should be easy to spot from a distance.

The Chimaera outfit is where things get interesting and players have to work a bit for it. Chimaera outfit is actually a reward for completing the Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel quest which players acquire in Byzantium. This quest has three parts so it will take some time.

Follow Parvati’s companion questline to reach Celeste’s shop where you will get this outfit quest. For the first part, players will need to wear Spacers, Marauders and Iconoclast clothing.

Look at the outfit descriptions before wearing them. The brand doesn’t matter but as long as the description says stuff like “marauder clothing” or “spacers wear this” you should be good to go.

Spacer clothing can be found on the Groundbreaker, from the armory in the back. Keep in mind this is different from the Spacer’s Choice outfits.

Marauder’s clothing as the name suggests is acquired from Marauders. Just kill some and wear the armor they drop.

There is a guy you can save on the broken bridge of Monarch and then he will end up opening a shop in Amber Heights. You can buy the Iconoclasts outfit from him.

Once you have the full outfit of all three types, you can model for Celeste to proceed with the questline. As a reminder once again, you need 6 clothing items of these 3 ‘factions’ as well as the Nice Hat from the OSI Church so a total of 7 items.

The next section of the quest to get the outfit will require you to collect 10 Primal Leather, 3 Raptidon parts and 1 Mantiqueen gland. Primals and Raptidons can easily be found all over Emerald Vale and should be easy to defeat. For the Mantiqueen gland, check out our mega creatures guide.

After getting all these items, collect a parcel for Celeste, finish the quest and get Chimaera as the reward. Now just wear the Nice Hat and Chimaera together and earn the Well Dressed achievement.

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