The Outer Worlds Mind Control Ray Location Guide

Mind Control Ray is one of the unique science weapons in The Outer Worlds which players can use for some interesting effects on their enemies. Of course, finding these science weapons requires a bit of legwork and that is where this guide comes in.

The Outer Worlds Mind Control Ray

If you want to go for the Mind Control Ray weapon, then you need to head to Monarch. Visit Duncan’s shop in Fallbrook on Monarch, where Duncan is going to sell you an item known as a SubLight datapad. This item is going to have the location for the Mind Control Ray.

After getting the mind-control ray location, you have to make your way to an abandoned lab in Cascadia. There is a terminal that you must have utilized in the Space-Crime Continuum side mission for the character of Lilya Hagen.

Take a left from the terminal and jump across to the platform and then, jump to the platform to the right. Once you climb the two ladders, you are going to find your weapons, the Mind Control Ray.

The gun deals plasma damage and overrides the behavior of both organic and automechanical targets, and turns your enemies into allies for a short time period. If you increase your Science skill, then that improves the movement and attack rate of those who are being controlled thus increasing overall damage.

Below is a table that has the values for all the attacks of the weapon.

Type Stats  
Ammo Type Energy
Skill Long Guns
Damage Type Plasma
Damage 38
DPS 76
RPM 94.74
Rate of Fire 2 Shots/s
Crit Chance 40%
Crit Damage 115%
Post Armor Multiplier 100%
Magazine Size 30 (Energy)
Effective Range 15m
Max Range 200m
Noise Range 5m
Ammo per Shot 2
Special Effects Stagger
Condition (MAX) 6