The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten Quest Guide

The penultimate main quest in The Outer Worlds is the Kept Secret But Not Forgotten, and this guide will thoroughly go over everything that composes this quest. We’ll summarize your objectives and tasks for this quest before getting down to all the minute details that this quest comprises of.

The Outer Worlds Kept Secret But Not Forgotten

This quest will automatically be unlocked once you complete either the ‘City and the Stars’ or the ‘Foundation’ Quests.

By this point of the game, your allegiances will have been determined, but regardless of which side you work for, you must travel to the Hope. Once onboard, you’ll be instructed by ADA to upload her onto Hope’s Communication Systems, and to do so you’ll need to repower the Hope’s Skip Drive (you’ll gain 41000 XP for completing these tasks).

As soon as you get on the Hope, turn right and look for a terminal. This terminal can be used to repower the Skip Drive, however, you will need a UDL ID Cartridge.

You’ll run into Quincy Duncan who, depending on whether you’ve completed the Foundation Quest, will tell you that there is a message from Sophia waiting for us ahead. If you haven’t done the Foundation Quest, you will speak with him about the matter of an ID Cartridge; it’s behind the door on the left side, but you cannot open it.

The easiest way to go about this is to Lie (50), Intimidate (80), or Persuade (50) Quincy to open it for you.

You can directly reroute power from the Unreliable to the Hope, but doing so will activate robots and sentries. If you have a Holographic Disguise and a Hope ID, you can easily get past them, otherwise, you’re in for a fight. You can only get the ID from Quincy, so talking to him is paramount in this quest.

If you do trigger the robots and sentries, you have the option to manually disarm them. However, that can only be done through a terminal that can be found deeper in the Hope, so it’s not recommended (the terminal can be found above the Communications Room, and you require high Hacking to actually do anything with it).

No matter what, you need to get the UDL ID Cartridge, so find a way to get through that door (the easiest is to just have Quincy open it for you). Once you have the Cartridge, head over to the Restricted Area. Head straight and take the first doorway on the right to find a terminal – it will contain pertinent information about the Skip Drive.

Go to the next room and another terminal will be present. This one will tell you about all the people still in stasis. There will be a door on the left, go through it and beat any Autochemicals that are in your way. Once beaten, you can access a terminal that will let you patch ADA into the Hope’s Comms System. There’s another terminal in the vicinity that will provide you with a bit of backstory about the Hope.

Go through the hallway until you come across a locked door. If you have Lockpicking (50) then you can easily go through it. If you obtained the Hope Bridge Keycard from a downed soldier, then Lockpicking is unnecessary. Once you’re through the threshold, there will be an elevator and another locked door nearby. The same requirements to unlock that door.

Inside the locked room, you’ll find a Mega Sprat and smaller Sprats, along with some loot. The most important item inside, however, is a log that will provide you with some information you’ll want to know about. Take the elevator to the upper levels.

Once you’re out of the elevator, you’ll come across a few more Autochemicals; defeat them. Further ahead is a terminal that will give you an account of the last days of Hope’s crew. Going past this point will lead you to one of the game’s endings, you will not be able to go back and do other main quests that you’ve missed; if there’s still some stuff left to do, it’s recommended that you go back and do it now.

If you’re set to go, cross the Bridge and head for the ship’s computer. Patch ADA into the ship’s computer and now you can decide where to Skip the Hope. It’s recommended that you save here, as depending on your choice, you can acquire 1 of 3 endings.

Sunburn Choice
You can choose to not Skip the Hope and keep the ship for yourself. This will ultimately result in your death, the only thing you’ll be given for this choice is an Achievement.

Terra 2 Choice
If you’ve completed the ‘City and the Stars’ Quest, then you can Skip the Hope to Terra 2. If you choose to do this, head back to the Unreliable and travel to Phineas’ Lab. You’ll learn that Phineas is under attack by the Board, and you must help him.

Use a terminal to update your quest and start looking for Phineas’ Terminal Passcode (can be found on a dead Cystpig). Phineas has left something for you in a hidden panel in his living quarters. Go there and look for the panel, inside of which you’ll find the Phin’s Force and a Tartarus Navkey. This will complete the current mission and begin the next one.

Tartarus Choice
This option is available to you if you’ve completed the ‘Foundation’ Quest prior to this one. You Skip the Hope to Tartarus and must then board the Unreliable. Once onboard, Chairman Rockwell will inform you that Phineas has taken Sophia hostage and freed the prisoners on Tartarus. You must head over to Tartarus to stop him. This concludes the ‘Kept Secret But Not Forgotten’ Quest.

Remember, your choices at the end of this Quest will determine which ending you get, so either make your choice carefully or save beforehand so you can get all the endings!