The Outer Worlds Ice Palace Quest Guide

The Ice Palace is a Faction quest in The Outer Worlds. Faction quests are optional to the players and if the player wishes to complete them, they are rewarded with special items, XP and reputation of the faction.

The Outer Worlds Ice Palace

After the completion of Space-Crime Continuum quest, talk to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage Headquarters on the Groundbreaker to obtain this quest.

  • Grant remote access of SubLight to the Station.
  • Power up the HRS-1084
  • Convince UDL forces to leave the station.
  • Return to Lilya.

Talk to Lilya Hagen at SubLight Salvage Headquarters. You will be told that Lilya has had some lead over valuable salvage. She will give you an override pass to stake her claim over the HRS-1084 as property of SubLight Salvage.

After the cutscene ends, travel to HRS-1084 station and restore the power of the station. Go to the left through the main room while keeping an eye out for mines there. Pick up the UDL Identity Cartridge from a chair in the mess hall. Use the terminal and set the generator to normal. You will be then contacted by ADA who will tell you that UDL forces have docked the station and they intend to clear you out.

The Commander will contact you. You can Persuade (Level 55) her to not attack you if you have gained Adjutant Akande’s trust by completing ‘The Demolished Woman’ quest. You can also Lie (65) to her that you will press the self-destruct button.

If you used the UDL Cartridge, you’ll be questioned about the auto mechanicals. Lie or Intimidate (35) to deal with it. You can also bribe her with 2550 bits or Intimidate (65) her to not make an enemy of SubLight. Any of these will get them to leave without conflict and undock.

Go back up the stairs into the main room. If you didn’t use the cartridge, there will be automechanicals online there. Defeat them. There will be a terminal on the left side of the door which you can hack to put the robots in recharge mode for easier killing.

In the same room, pick up a blank UDL keycard (by the safe) and then use the terminal to encode the keycard to get ‘Electrical Control Room Keycard’.

Then exit the main room to the right side where you first came in. There will be mines on these stairs. There will be a locked door here. You can either lockpick (Level 40) it or use the Electrical Keycard. Inside is the terminal that can be used to disable the security parameters.

Head into the living quarters’ doors which will have some loot to the main room with holding tanks and some automechanicals. If they are active, defeat them. Then head up the stairs to the office to use the terminal.

Read the logs for information about what was happening here. Alarms will ring as you discover that override password for UDL communications is the same as the one you used to enter the lab in Cascadia in Monarch.

After completing the reading, insert the SubLight Override Cartridge. This will grant 15,000 XP.

Come back to Lilya on Groundbreaker and inform her of the details. The quest is now complete. She will ask you about any resistance you faced to which you can tell her the truth or lie (1) to her.

Lilya will tell you that she thinks that an alien invasion is coming, and she wants you to stop it. The Ice Palace quest rewards you with

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