Survival Mode is Coming to The Outer Worlds For Hardcore Players

Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky of Obsidian Entertainment dropped a good bit of new details on their upcoming single-player video game. Among many new features described, the Outer Worlds has confirmed a survival mode as well as varying difficulties. The companion system and how your allies will behave was also additionally described. Here’s a gist of what was said about The Outer Worlds gameplay.

The hardest difficulty known as Supernova was reminiscent of Fallout New Vegas’ hardcore mode. This mode is for hardcore players of the Outer Worlds, and besides beefing up enemies, it’ll include a survival aspect. That means you’ll need to keep your character well fed and hydrated in order to survive out there.

The loot system was also explained. Most of the high tier stuff you’ll be finding will be hand placed by the developers. Meaning guaranteed picks rather than just random drops you find. Of course, there’ll still be procedurally generated drops such as finding supplies in trash cans. So you don’t have to worry about that much.

Obsidian also spoke about how the game doesn’t have a crafting system. Rather, you’ll be finding gear and weapon attachments/mods. This simplifies the experience and allows you to focus on the other aspects of the game, such as your appearance.

Regarding the companions, we’ve already been told that we can’t romance any of them. There are still relationships to build upon on the other hand. They’ll be determined by the time you spend with them and how your choices align with theirs.

Should they not align, your crew members might as well leave you as well. On the other hand, increased loyalty is sure to generate fun perks as well as special interactions. Your companions will also comment on what you do as well as have banter among each other. They’ll also interject in your conversations to give their two cents.

Regarding how vast the game is, Obsidian has doubled down on the game not being very thick. The Outer Worlds isn’t open world. Instead, it’s a linear and very focused game with its content emphasizing replayability. This was favored over aimless exploration in an open world. Replayability plays a big part in The Outer Worlds gameplay.

We still haven’t gotten an Outer Worlds release date besides this leak here. We still can’t contain our excitement for the game though.

Source: Gameinformer

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