The Outer Worlds Happiness is a Warm Spaceship Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds has multiple quests, and along with these quests, there are some side quests. Happiness is a Warm Spaceship is one of the side quests in Outer Worlds, this quest may be voluntary but can provide the player with many rewards, XP, and even reputation. So, don’t hesitate to play some side quests.

The Outer Worlds Happiness is a Warm Spaceship

This quest is unlocked after interacting with Junlei Tennyson, you’ll find her near Groundbreaker Promenade in her office. She’ll inform you about two things firstly, she’ll tell you about her not repairing the Radiator issue because she doesn’t have parts, another thing is that she’s being forced by the Board to continue working for them by increasing her demands.

After listening to her issues, you can volunteer to help her find the parts. She’ll tell you where the parts can be found, in “Back Bays”. On your way to Back Bays, you’ll encounter many mechanical adversaries and outlaws, so be prepared.

Take an elevator near the engineering room, and go down to the Back Bays. If you are not in the mood to fight then you can simply ask the ringleader Captain MacRedd to let you take the Radiator Parts by going through either Persuade (40) or Intimidate (40) dialog check to complete the quest without fighting anyone. But you’ll receive a weapon Montag by killing him, so the choice is yours.

This whole situation can be made easy if you bring Felix with you, this way the ringleader will see that you’re accompanied by Felix and he’ll be easy to bribe, for 625-640 bits or you can lie (40) for the parts.

Either way, you’ll find the Radiator on the Second Floor to the left side of Back Bays. There are two methods to reach the second floor.

You can simply go to the left side of the first floor and find stairs going up or you can use the air duct that has Salvage parts.

After taking the Radiator parts, go down and interact with Private Lettie Dixon and try to convince her to go back up with you. Return to Junlei with the parts, talk to her and she’ll ask you for another favor. She’ll ask you to activate the Radiators in the service tunnel.

On the right side, at the end of the engineering room, you’ll find an elevator going down. You’ll encounter many Mantipillars in the rooms near the elevator. Be careful when fighting them as Mantipillar swarms can blind you and your companions for a short while.

Near the terminal, there are some lore logs and a ladder that takes you to the next level, where you can loot some Bit Cartridge and Armor Parts.

After looting, go through the door and head towards the right side. Go to the upper floor and grab some Mag-Pick and ammo.

Going even forward you’ll see a ladder going down to your next quest objective. Before using the terminal, kill the two robots near it and then interact with the terminal. Read the log to figure out the ship’s situation and then Cycle the Pump.

At last return to Junlei and receive your quest rewards: 18000xp, 3000 Bit Cartridge, Groundbreaker Reputation and the unique Armor: Welder’s Goggles.

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