The Outer Worlds Gloop Gun Location Guide

This guide will explain how to get your hands on the Gloop Gun, a powerful science weapon in The Outer Worlds. As the name suggests, it shoots out gloop that makes enemies levitate for easy pickings.

The Outer Worlds Gloop Gun

This weapon can be found in the Monarch area during the side quest Errors Unseen. In this side quest, make your way to the UDL Lab southwest of Stellar Bay. Defeat the enemies you face there.

Then you will face a choice of two options to unlock the door. You can hack the terminal that is locking the room or answer three questions to unlock the room. The Gloop Gun is present inside the room.

To unlock the door by hacking the terminal, you need hacking skill level of 55. If your hacking level is not high enough, then you will have to unlock the door by answering the three security questions.

The door can be unlocked by picking the three most ridiculous, corporate answers — “Protect the Chairman,” “Berate him relentlessly to defend the Chairman’s honor,” and “Arrest your spouse and admit your children to a reeducation program.”

Now you will be able to enter the room. Enter and pick up the Gloop Gun which will now be available to you.

The Gloop Gun fires electrical charges and uses energy ammo. The electrical charge weakens the enemies and gloop splash will cause your enemies to levitate. By increasing your science skill, the weapon will weaken the enemy for a longer time period.

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