The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer Quest Guide

Frightened Engineer is one of the early quests in The Outer Worlds. The quest can be pretty tricky if you don’t scrounge every book and file in Edgewater. Thankfully with the help of our guide, you won’t have a hard time finding the 3 books required to complete this quest.

The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer

During the Comes Now the Power quest for Edgewater, players will be tasked to go talk to Adelaide at her Botanical Lab community outside of Edgewater. They are sent to take away her Power Regulator for Unbearable. At the Botanical Lab players will run into an aspiring engineer by the name of Thomas Kemp.

Thomas seems to really admire Parvati and would ask for her help in becoming a better engineer. For that he requires 3 volumes of Young Spacer’s Guide to Mechanical Engineering book. If players have already come across one volume, they can just give it to him right there and promise to find the rest for him.

Talking to him in detail will give the players some clues about the location of two volumes of the book. One of them is located inside the Emerald Vale Community Center.

The players might have checked this place on their way to the Botanical Labs and possibly even acquired this specific volume of the book. This book is located on the second floor of the Community Center inside a desk.

Volume #2 is located in the Edgewater Cannery, in an office upstairs. Players can come across clues for this inside Parvati’s house in her dad’s office where he keeps logs of his books and mentioned that he took the book to the Cannery.

The third book is difficult to find as players have no clue about its location until they reach the Geothermal Power Plant. As soon as players enter the power plant, they can turn right to go inside the receptionist’s office and check the terminal. The terminal logs will mention that volume 3 of the book was taken to the repair bay.

Once you reach the repair bay, a note will mention that the book was later moved to the Pit. If you follow the quest marker to the Pit, you will meet Higgins who keeps the book by his bedside. You can just take it from there and Higgins won’t stop you.

Return to the Botanical Lab and talk to Thomas Kemp. You can either turn these books in one by one for small rewards or turn all 3 of them in at once to complete the quest and gain extra rewards. He will give the players Electro-Charged Surface mod and their reputation with The Deserters will increase.

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