The Outer Worlds Die Robot Quest Guide

Die Robot is one of the earliest side quests in The Outer Worlds which the players can pick up as soon as they reach Edgewater City in Emerald Vale. This guide will show you how to complete the Die Robot side quest.

The Outer Worlds Die Robot

This quest can be given to you by Ludwig on the shipyard outside of Edgewater. He wants you to take out a robot outside of Edgewater as a part of his resistance plan against the automechanicals. Go to the location of the robot and come across the poor thing stumbling around mumbling nonsense.

You will have two options either to repair it or kill it. If you want to repair it you need to have either 38 Engineering or have Parvati accompany you and fix the robot. After you repair or kill it, return to Ludwig and he will make you go to the location of his stash which is a weapon. The weapon can be found behind a toilet in Edgewater City.

Take it and return to Ludwig for your quest reward, a weapon mod that can alter your weapons and add Shock Damage. After receiving the reward go to Reed and talk to him. Your next objective is to retrieve a logic module from the Geothermal plant so Reed will give you the access.

To get inside Geothermal plant you need the security chief’s keycard. The keycard is on the security chief’s corpse.

You’ll find the body in a room in the northern part of the fifth floor of the plant, and another terminal log gives you hints about this. To get there from the security office, head down the stairs on the right, go along the right wall and into the side room, up the stairs, and across the walkway.

Enter the first room on the right – the one with the screens in the middle. There’s an overturned table next to the window on the right. You’ll find the corpse behind the table. Loot it to get the Geothermal security chief’s keycard.

Once inside the Geothermal plant go downstairs fighting the robots and you will come across an old guy talking to himself. Go to the office to your left and once inside open the door behind you for the Logic Module hidden away.

You will need a key to open the door if your lock picking ability isn’t that high. After opening the door take the Module and bring it back to Ludwig. Get the reward(a shock based melee weapon among other things) and the side mission will end.

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