The Outer Worlds Die Robot Quest Guide

Help Ludwig's resistance fight the robots in Die Robot in The Outer Worlds and earn yourself some shock weapons in the process

In Outer Worlds, there are many side quests that players can partake in throughout the world. One of these side quests is ‘Die Robot.’ It is one of the earliest side quests you can play in Outer Worlds. We have the complete The Outer Worlds Die Robot side quest walkthrough for you in this guide.

The Outer Worlds Die Robot Side Quest

You will be able to start this quest once you arrive in Edgewater City, Emerald Vale. To obtain this quest, go and talk to Ludwig, who can be found in the Shipyard on the outskirts of Edgewater City.

Ludwig will have a resistance plan against the Automechanicals and will ask you to take a robot out of Edgewater as part of the resistance plan. Your first objective will be to head to the robot’s location, which will get marked on the map.

At the location, you will find the robot glitching and mumbling around. You will now have to choose either to Kill the robot or Repair the Robot. Repairing the robot will require 38 Engineering levels. You can also repair the robot by having Parvati come with you to fix it.

After you make your choice, go back and talk to Ludwig. He will then give you a location where you can find his weapon stash. Head to the location, retrieve the weapon and hand it back to Ludwig.

He will award you with a weapon mod, which can add Shock damage to your weapons. This will end the first part of the Die Robot side quest.

After obtaining your reward, find and talk to Reed to start the second part of the quest. Your objective will be to recover a logic module located in the Geothermal Plant.

You will require the security chief’s Keycard to enter the Geothermal Plant. The Keycard is present on the corpse of the Security Chief, which is located on the fifth floor of the Geothermal Plant.

Go down the stairs from the security office and keep moving ahead with the right side wall. Enter the side room and take the stairs. Then enter the room having screens in the center. The corpse will be in this room.

Take the Keycard and then make your way inside the Geothermal Plant. Head downstairs and fight off the robots until you reach a guy talking to himself. Head to the office on his left and open the door inside to find the Logic Module.

Take the Logic Module to Ludwig to complete the side quest. He will award you with several items, including a melee weapon that does shock damage.

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