The Outer Worlds Bits (Money) Farming Tips

Bits are the money you use in The Outer Worlds, it is a valuable resource and used for various things therefore, the more the better. Bits are required at vendors for different equipment and ammo gears, bribing NPCs, and you can also update and advance the latest weapons and armors with the help of the option at a workbench. In this guide, we will tell you how to farm and earn yourself money with ease in The Outer Worlds.

How to Farm Bits Fast in The Outer Worlds

Exchanging Items for Bits
Exchanging useless items to the Vendor or Vending Machine in exchange for Bits is a great idea. Literally everything in the game can be sold to a Vendor however, be careful what you sell because you don’t want to give away a useful thing.

With the help of Perks such as “Pack Mule” you can carry additional items, and when you encounter a Vendor/ Vending Machine, simply start a conversation and click on the “Sell” option, this way you’ll exchange your items for Bits.

Snake Oil Salesman Perk
Exchanging items with a Vendor for Bits is a very useful method however, selling those items for 20% more than the actual price is a way better deal. By unlocking The Snake Oil Salesman perk (a Tier 2 Perk) you’ll be able to sell items for 20% more than the required amount and it pretty quickly adds up for each item.

Just keep in mind that before getting the “Snake Oil Salesman perk”, you’ll need to have equipped five other perks.

Completing Quests
Finally, the last thing you want to do is to complete missions, each mission rewards you with Bits when you complete it. These missions reward you a reasonable amount, some more than the other. There are few missions in the game that reward you with items that don’t have any value except for trading for Bits.

Completing missions or quests is a very helpful method for farming Bits and increasing your Bank balance. You’ll probably find a bundle of Bits in items such as Cash Register.

From Citizens
You can get Bit Cartridges easily in the game by killing citizens. However, this method will earn you a bad reputation among a specific faction but in case you don’t care about that then this is a great way to get some currency. Each citizen will yield anywhere from 50 to as high as almost 600 Bit Cartridges.  You just have to kill them and loot them off of their bodies.

Another non-violent way to get Bits is by using sneak to pickpocket wealthy civilians and easily take their money but you will have to be careful while doing this because if you do get caught it will cause problem and if that happens a lot then eventually you will have to kill people which is what we want to avoid

This was everything you need to know about farming money in The Outer World. Let us know how many Bits you earned!

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