The Order: 1886 Weapons and Equipment Guide

The Industrial Revolution during the Victorian Era changed the course of the British History. One of the most appealing elements of The Order: 1886 is its magnificent array of weaponry – presenting a mix of aesthetics and firepower.

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The Order: 1886 Weapons and Equipment

The game boasts a range of 19th century weaponry; a nice change from all modernized weaponry that we are used to see in most of the mainstream shooters. Weapons in The Order: 1886 are divided into several categories including:


Davies MK I Service Revolver
Ammo = 6/36

MK I is a pretty reliable revolver for anyone with some experience with firearms. Unless you are always looking to score headshots, you cannot go wrong with MK I. It dishes out some serious damage and is a 2-shot kill from most ranges.

The only drawbacks of it are poor rate of fire and unreliable accuracy. While wielding it, always aim for the torso to stagger the opponent and move in for a melee strike or go with another shot before the opponent recovers.

When you see an opponent equipped with MK I, try to stay behind cover; especially if you are already injured. The weapon is potentially harmless at longer ranges so no need to worry about that.

Borchardt C-78 Autoloading Pistol
Ammo = 9/72

C-78 completely outshines MK I when it comes to accuracy and rate of fire. It works slightly differently at different ranges and might require a bit of practice.

While engaging opponents at close-range, try to stick to hip-fire if you have somewhat decent accuracy. Its accuracy makes it one of the finest handguns to score headshots. This attribute is further complemented by its large clip size.

However, at longer ranges, the weapon loses its reliability to some extent – it’s a handgun after all! The idea is to get as close to your opponent as possible before taking a shot.

When going against foes wielding C-78, try to stay at longer ranges to disrupt their line of fire. Stick to covers and only emerge when you see them going for a reload.

Feederle C-81 Maschinepistole
Ammo = 25/150

Not very common, but extremely deadly at most ranges – meet C-81 Maschinepistole! It can drop enemies within the blink of an eye, thanks to its high rate of fire which also affects its accuracy to some extent.

The best way to use C-81 is to keep it as a Secondary Weapon and always fire in short burst. By doing this, you will preserve much of the Ammo without losing much accuracy.

Furthermore, although it is pretty good at close-range, the damage and accuracy start to fall at longer ranges – keep this in mind before engaging targets at longer range.

When going against foes wielding C-81; try and stick to longer ranges. At close ranges, it can drop a Knight within no time. However, if you are stuck at close range, try and be on the move instead of challenging the opponent.

M4 ‘Dragoon’ Cartridge-Revolver
Ammo = 6/12

This rare piece of 19th century warfare can be considered as Magnum of the Victorian Era. With the exception of Heavy, there is no foe who can sustain more than one-shot from Dragoon.

When trying to take down Grenadiers and Shotgunners, always aim for the head to ensure a single-shot kill. A well-aimed headshot can even stagger a Heavy, creating opportunities for subsequent shots.

Lastly, always try and stick to close ranges as its effectiveness starts to diminish at longer ranges. As for enemies wielding the Dragoon, I did not come across any.

Worcester ‘Duelist’ Double-Barrel Revolver
Ammo = 10/40

Duelist is absolutely gem of a weapon if you can control its vertical recoil when going for consecutive shots. Only a couple of shots to torso are required to declare an opponent dead, but you need to ensure that those two shots are well-placed.

Whenever you are going for multiple shots, always make sure to aim a little low during the second shot due to the weapon’s high vertical recoil.

In the game, Duelist is equipped by Leaders so make sure to drop them as quickly as possible or you are dead meat.


Mills MK IV Fragmentation Grenade
Ammo = 1/3

Grenades in The Order: 1886 does not work much differently than in other mainstream shooters. Players need to aim and release the grenade at their desired targets.

Galahad can even cook these so that the enemies are unable to escape the blast radius. Furthermore, players can also blindly toss a grenade in general direction they are facing without leaving cover.

MK IV does not require extreme precision, thanks to its large damage output and blast radius. Just throw it towards the enemies and the nearest ones will be killed instantaneously.

Players receive an on-screen notification if there is an enemy grenade nearby. During this instant, players can tap the on-screen button to move sideways and avoid taking damage.

In addition to this, players can use Blacksight to shoot down grenade while they are in mid-air and even in the hands of enemies to dish out some serious damage to all the nearby foes.

Mills MK IV-S Multipurpose Smoke Grenade
Ammo = 1/3

MK IV-S works exactly like MK IV, but instead of dealing damage to the foes, it produces a cloud of black smoke which hinders enemies’ and Galahad’s line of fire.

However, its best use is to force enemies to come out of their cover as staying inside the smoke for a long time can gag and even incapacitate them. Do note that they do not have any effect on Heavies.

When in the hands of an enemy, it’s different to tell an MK IV from an MK IV-S, but whatever the case is; always try and avoid the blast for your own good.


Ogden RA-5 Repeating 12-Bore Shotgun
Ammo = 5/30

Similar to shotguns in other mainstream shooters, the best way to use a shotgun is to close the gap between you and the foe and then place a shot.

RA-5 particularly is extremely useful at close-range because it fires a spread of pallets – this spread is tighter at close-range and disperses as the range increases.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a single-shot weapon and can drop an opponent with maximum 2-3 shots at almost any range. Furthermore, its increased accuracy allows players to score chain headshots.

Since this weapon can stagger Galahad at almost any range for follow-up attacks, make sure to drop Shotgunners as soon as possible. Lastly, because this is a single-shot weapon, you can place your own shots at short intervals.

Worcester ‘Three Crown’ Magnesium 12-Bore Coach Gun
Ammo = 3/30

This beast of a weapon fires three barrels at the same time, allowing Galahad to dish out significant damage to multiple enemies at the same time – only at close range.

The weapon starts to lose its touch when the range is increased from close to medium range. Furthermore, you are required to reload this weapon after every shot which is not bad considering its damage output.

Personally, when equipped with ‘Three Crown’, I never bother with ADS and stick to hip-fire while running and gunning. But once again, the timing and accuracy of your shots is of paramount important due to its sluggish reload speed.

As if the sheer devastation this weapon causes was not enough, it’s often found in the hands of Heavies. Therefore, you need to create a safe distance between Galahad and enemies and start picking them up one by one.

When going against foes equipped with this weapon, I would highly recommend using fully-automatic weapons.


Essex M82 Selfloader Carbine
Ammo = 6/60

M82 packs a punch and is extremely accurate at almost all ranges. A well-placed shot can stagger most enemies and a second-shot can incapacitate them.

When engaging targets at close-range, you can try and stick to hip-fire which will drop targets with a couple of shots. You can kill weaker enemies with a single hit to torso. Medium-to-long range is another story, however.

At medium-to-long range, you should always try and aim to score as many headshots as possible. Enemies will not be able to return fire in an effective manner and you will always have an upper hand.

In hands of enemies, the weapon can be extremely devastating at medium-to-long range. In such scenarios, always try to close the distance which should disturb enemies’ aim.

Essex M84 Marksman Carbine
Ammo = 5/30

As required by any Sniper Rifle, players need to be extremely accurate and place their shots well. Always make sure to make use of the variable zoom scope to be accurate at all ranges.

M84 is mostly a single-shot kill from any range except when targeting a Heavy. Furthermore, like in most of the mainstream shooters, M84 cannot be fired from the hip of blind-fired in The Order: 1886.

When going against enemies equipped with M84, always stay behind cover unless you get a clear line of sight to place your shots. Only a couple of shots are required to drop Galahad – always be on the move!

Bergmann M85 Automatisch
Ammo = 30/150

Being a fully automatic rifle, it drains ammunition within the blink of an eye. Due to this fact, the idea is to stick to short burst so as to preserve ammo without losing any accuracy.

In addition to this, the weapon loses damage at higher range so it’s better to close the gap before placing your shots.

The weapon can be extremely deadly in the hands of enemies. Never ever try to close in the gap unless you want Galahad to be shredded. Stick to cover and only emerge when you see an enemy reloading.

Special Weapons

Essex M2/PN83 ‘Falchion’ Auto-Rifle
Ammo = 20/160

This extremely effective weapon is enormously accurate at medium-to-long ranges. Most of the enemies cannot even sustain around 3 shots from this weapon.

It has high vertical recoil which is why it’s not advised to keep the trigger pressed. Especially when fighting a Heavy, the idea is to fire in small bursts and keep your aim at the foe’s head.

When fighting against Shotgunners, stick to the hip-fire and you will drop them in no time. As for Lycans, a couple of quick blasts are more than sufficient to take them down. Luckily, there is not any kind of enemies who are equipped with this weapon.

TS-17 Remote Detonation System
Ammo = 4/8

This is the only weapon which does not require you to land your shots directly at the target. Instead, you need to hit at their feet so that multiple enemies are caught in its blast radius.

Another important thing to keep in mind when using this weapon is to stick to a high vantage point so as to aim your shots more effectively. Lastly, the detonators from the weapon can be exploded simultaneously or one by one.

Similar to Grenades, Galahad receives an on-screen notification when a detonator is lying nearby. During this time, you need to press the on-screen button prompt to move away from the charge.

Essex M86/FL Thermite Rifle
Ammo = 40/400

This weapon allows Galahad to spread a toxic cloud of Aluminum Iron Oxide in an area, forcing enemies to leave their cover position to come in his line of fire.

In addition to this, players can launch flare in the cloud, damaging anyone in caught in the shower. Due to its area-of-effect feature, M86/FL is best used to clear a group of enemies in an area.

Whenever you see a Heavy equipped with a M86/FL, always try and stay on the move. You do not wish to be caught in the shower’s radius as it can incapacitate Galahad in an instant.

TS-23 Resonant Circuit Arc Induction Lance
Ammo = 6/12

This weapon must be charged before using it. While this can prove to be really off-putting for some players; once learnt, this thing hardly matters anymore.

The best thing about this weapon, however, is its blind-fire ability. Galahad can continuously engage targets without exposing himself. However, the weapon is not of much use when it comes to close-quarter combat.

Lastly, Arc Induction Lance is one of the best weapons in The Order: 1886 to take out Heavies with a couple of shots. The first bolt of electricity knocks down a Heavy and the second one outright kills him.

Fortunately, Galahad does not have to face any enemy equipped with TS-23 Resonant Circuit Arc Induction Lance.

Crofton-Woolwich Repeating Compound Arbalest
Ammo = 5/10

The bolts from this crossbow can instantly kill any target weaker than a Heavy. Unlike other weapons in the game, Arbalest works equally well across all ranges.

One of the drawbacks of using this weapon is that its ammunition can only be replenished from ammunition crates. Due to this fact, it’s advised to be extremely precise and careful while using this weapon.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that this weapon cannot be hip-fired and blind-fired. And lastly, Galahad does not encounter any enemy wielding Crofton-Woolwich Repeating Compound Arbalest.

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