New The Order 1886 Game Coming for PlayStation 5?

An insider reveals details of a sequel to The Order 1886. He claims to have seen a gameplay, and it was apprently the best looking game ever.

The Order 1886 was one of the flagship titles for PlayStation 4. Now it seems like a new The Order 1886 game is coming for PlayStation 5 as well.

The rumor comes from post by an insider who previously leaked the correct details of the PS4 Pro. He has shared some gameplay details about the alleged new game.

The details depict a scene of The Order 1886 sequel, in which a person is hiding from four arm creature. He tries to hide the light coming out from a communication device mounted on his shoulder. The yellow-eyed monster still finds him. The character ends up shooting the monster with a firearm. After hiding in a room, the creature while being on the other side of the door says: “I have found you.”

The Order 1886 did provide a very graphic detailed experience, but the mechanics were not good enough for some. Gamers complained about the game mechanics to be short-length and weak. Due to such shortcomings, The Order 1886 received mixed feedback.

This is not the first time that The Order 1886 sequel has come to light. The game director at Ready At Dawn said that too much focus on sequels damaged The Order 1886. The title’s creative director also stated: “The Order 1886 IP certainly has a future.”

According to the insider, the game looks breathtakingly detailed. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering the power of PlayStation 5. If true, we are definitely in for a treat:

“Lets see if anyone else can get this detailed. It is the best looking anything that I have ever seen and the character models lighting and physics are on another level. The main character is impossible to confuse with anyone else and this game has not been revealed but I have hinted at it several times. This is not a cut scene or a render target it is actual gameplay and it is very impressive. Well the end is a cut scene but man ….. You literally cannot tell the difference and Yes.”

Again, we do hope that it turns out to be true as the guy who has shared these details was spot on with PlayStation 4 Pro bits. However, since nothing has been confirmed yet officially, this information is still a rumor. Fingers crossed!

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