The Order: 1886 – All Phonograph Cylinder Locations

Find all 16 Phonograph Cylinders to unlock the "Archivist" trophy in The Order: 1886. Here are their locations.

There are 16 Phonograph Cylinders in The Order: 1886. These collectibles are mostly hidden in plain sight and on some rare occasions, inside locked drawers, cabinets, and chests.

Galahad simply needs to walk to a Phonograph Cylinder and press the on-screen Button Prompt to add the collectible to his Archive. At any given time, Galahad can access his Archive and read or listen to these Phonograph Cylinder recordings.

In this guide, we have shared the locations of all Phonograph Cylinders found in The Order: 1886. Finding all of these also unlocks Archivist and entitles players to the Inspector First Class Gold Trophy.

Chapter #1 – Always A Knight

Phonograph Cylinder #1 – Le Morte D’Arthur

Location: After Galahad identifies the United India House, Perceval asks him of Nikola. Once this sequence is done, you need to descend the attic stairs from the house’s top floor – via the terrace.

Once inside, Galahad will come across a man cleaning the handrail. Continue downstairs and exit the area to come across a man repairing an elevator. Look around and you will see a Phonograph Cylinder near a couple of briefcases.

Chapter #3 – Inequalities

Phonograph Cylinder #2 – Sons and Daughters of Britain

Location: During the sequence when Galahad grabs the ledges to reach the hospital, you will see a large hanging bundle in the area. You need to head inside the far room (behind the hanging bundle) and find the Phonograph Cylinder in a corner.

Phonograph Cylinder #3 – The Anarchists 12.10.86

Location: During the sequence when Galahad grabs the ledges to reach the hospital, you will see a large hanging bundle in the area. At this point, you need to find the hoist and raise the bundle to clear Galahad’s path.

From this point, you need to retrace your steps grab the ledge again, and reach the rooftop to find a locked chest with another Phonograph Cylinder inside.

Chapter #4 – An Endless Battle

Phonograph Cylinder #4 and #5 – All Through the Night and The Anarchists 29.09.86

Location: After lying Igraine on the hospital bed, head downstairs to find a carcass lying on a bed. From this point, lock pick the door with a signboard reading, “No Admittance”.

Once you are inside, head to the central table and collect Phonograph Cylinder #4 then head to the right backside of the room and break open a trunk with Phonograph Cylinder #5 in it.

Chapter #5 – Agamemnon Rising

Phonograph Cylinder #6 – Agamemnon Christening

Location: Galahad will be required to lock pick a door to exit the Operations Area and get to the Crew Area. Once you get to the new area, turn left and find this Phonograph Cylinder sitting on a wooden trolley.

Phonograph Cylinder #7 – Evacuation Procedures

Location: After releasing the sea boat carrying Lucan and Lord Hastings, wait for the cut-scene to end and follow Perceval into the ship’s security area. Inside this area, you will find this Phonograph Cylinder sitting on a desk.

Chapter #9 – An Uneasy Alliance

Phonograph Cylinder #8 – The Anarchists 16.10.86

Location: After pushing the cart (containing barrels and crates) with Lakshmi, head inside the tunnel on the left side and break open a locked chest to find this Phonograph Cylinder inside. This is not the railcar you need to push to get to the platform.

Phonograph Cylinder #9 – Cable from the New Continent

Location: While getting out of the Foundry with Lakshmi, before unlocking the door for her, search the equipment table located in the area to find this Phonograph Cylinder.

Phonograph Cylinder #10 – Cargo Inspection Log

Location: Once Galahad follows Lakshmi into the Booking Office, head downstairs and you will see a couple of women near the Exit Door. Before exiting the area, you need to lock pick the door of the Receiving Room.

Once inside, check the wooden desk to find another Phonograph Cylinder.

Chapter #11 – Brothers in Arms

Phonograph Cylinder #11 – The Anarchist 17.10.86

Location: While following Lucan as he dashes between buildings, you will come across a staircase on the left side. You need to go down this staircase and break open a chest to find this Phonograph Cylinder inside it.

Phonograph Cylinder #12 – The East Indies News

Location: After infiltrating the United India Main House, Galahad will destroy a circuit to break open a locked door. Before doing that, check the large wooden table to find this Phonograph Cylinder placed on it.

Phonograph Cylinder #13 – First Verse of Ramayana

Location: After the sequence during which Lakshmi and Sir Lucan meet, go up the twisting staircase and check the large table placed in the Dining Room to find this Phonograph Cylinder.

Phonograph Cylinder #14 – Chopin, Prelude in E-minor, ‘Dying Away’

Location: Inside the Archives Room, go to the other side of the chamber and open the secret cabinet under the large bookshelf to find this Phonograph Cylinder.

Phonograph Cylinder #15 – The Captain’s Testament

Location: Inside the Archives Room, go back to the very first bookshelf and open up the drawer to find this Phonograph Cylinder lying in there.

Chapter #15 – To Save a Life

Phonograph Cylinder #16 – The Anarchist 29.11.86

Location: While Galahad is on his way to get Nikola Tesla’s message, turn left from the large area (where you encounter a soldier with a Coach Gun) and you will reach a dead end with a locked crate.

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