The Order: 1886 Objects Locations ‘ Power of Observation Guide

Throughout your journey as Sir Galahad across the Victorian Era, you will come across several intractable objects in the game’s world.

In order to add these random objects to Sir Galahad’s collection, players need to approach these objects and press the on-screen interaction button.

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The Order: 1886 Objects Locations

There are a total of 10 Objects that can be found in The Order: 1886. Finding all these Objects earns players the Power of Observation Trophy and counts their progress for The Grail and Inspector First Class Trophies.

Following are the locations of all Objects that can be found in The Order: 1886:

Chapter #1

Object #1 – Flask
Location: After Sir Perceval inquires about Lafayette, you will see a man near the Gibb’s Chocolate Bonbons signboard. You need to follow the man and take the stairs on the left side.

Go past the couple arguing with the policeman and you will see an intractable object sitting on a barrel, right next to some fresh vegetables.

Chapter #2

Object #2 – Communicator
Location: After you enter Tesla’s lab, head to the room’s very center and interact with queer looking device to collect this collectible.

Chapter #3

Object #3 – Smoking Pipe
Location: Once the carriage arrives, you need to follow Lafayette as he breaks into a room. Once you are inside, find a warm Smoking Pipe on a wooden table.

Object #4 – A Piece of Cloth
Location: After entering Aux Belles Muses with Lafayette, descend the stairs to come across a roulette table with an intractable piece of cloth lying on it.

Object #5 – Doll
Location: After following Lafayette to the rooftop once you are done signaling Sentinel 5, you will vault through an open window to head inside an apartment. Inside you will see a doll on a cabinet near a lamp.

Chapter #5

Object #6 – Music Box
Location: Once Galahad is asked to secure the airship’s cockpit, follow Lafayette to the closed hatch. While facing the hatch, turn to your right and head to the very end of the walkway to find this broken Music Box.

Chapter #9

Object #7 – S. Lawton Mallet
Location: In order to get to the platforms, push a railcar with Lakshmi, but before getting to the platforms; make sure to check the nearby area near the railcar for another intractable object.

Object #8 – Prototype Ship
Location: Once Galahad follows Lakshmi into the Booking Office, you need to head inside the Carpinteron Office (the first door down the hall) to find this prototype ship placed on a small desk.

Object #9 – Thomas Alva Edison Light bulb
Location: While in the Warehouse, Lakshmi will ask Galahad to examine the crates with the United India Company’s sign. Before doing that, you need to head to your left and search the area to find an ancient light bulb with Thomas Alva Edison’s initials on it.

Chapter #11

Object #10 – Tea Tin
Location: Once Galahad has infiltrated the United India House with Lakshmi, go through the Entrance Courtyard and head downstairs into a Storage Room. Inside this room, you will find an intractable object sitting on a table.

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