The Order: 1886 Newspapers Locations ‘Well-Read Guide

There are a total of 10 Newspapers that can be found in The Order: 1886. Finding all these Newspapers earns players Well-Read Trophy and also counts their progression for Inspector First Class and The Grail.

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The Order: 1886 Newspapers Locations

Newspapers provide interesting information on the Victorian Era, its happenings, and some revolutionary discoveries and inventions made during that time.

In this guide, I will share locations of all the Newspapers that can be found in The Order: 1886:

Chapter #1

Newspaper #1 – Mysterious Disappearances in Whitechapel
Location: After Galahad identifies the United India House, Perceval ask him of Nikola. Once this sequence is done, you need to descend the attic stairs from the house’s top floor – via terrace.

Once inside, Galahad will come across a man cleaning the handrail. Look directly behind the man to find the first Newspaper on a desk.

Chapter #3

Newspaper #2 – Karl Benz: Wunderbares Clara!
Location: Once the carriage arrives, get past it and head inside a lane on the right. Continue along the path and you will come across another Newspaper detailing a new Benz Clara.

Newspaper #3 – Assault on Mayfair
Location: After saving the wench from a beating customer using a few button prompts, talk to her. Once you are done talking, go past the nearby door and grab this Newspaper off a barrel.

Newspaper #4 – Rule Britannia! But where is the Queen?
Location: Once you have placed the Thermite Cartridge and shot it, swing to the next balcony; head inside the room on the left side and this is where you will find this Newspaper.

Chapter #5

Newspaper #5 – The United India Company
Location: After exiting the Mess Hall, you need to head inside an open room with a signboard reading, “Crew 15-A”. Once inside, check the small circular table in the room with this Newspaper.

Chapter #9

Newspaper #6 – Inspector Slain
Location: After saving Lakshmi by pushing her out of the bullet’s path, take out the gunmen and follow her. However, before getting on the wagon, check the wooden table on the left side to find this Newspaper.

Chapter #11

Newspaper #7 – Crystal Palace in Ruins
Location: As soon as this chapter begins, head upstairs and check the small wooden table with an oil lamp on it to find this Newspaper.

Newspaper #8 – District Paralyzed by Power Failure
Location: In order to get to the Lower Garden, Galahad will require a key. Once you have acquired the key, head towards the Metal Gate, but make sure to go through the archway to replenish your ammunition and find this Newspaper.

Newspaper #9 – Rebels Spread Terror
Location: Just before entering the Archives, make sure to grab this Newspaper from a wooden table placed right under a painting of a sailing boat.

Chapter #15

Newspaper #10 – Lost Soul Meets His Maker
Location: Right from the beginning of this chapter, keep on following the tunnel to reach the Platforms Lobby and check the table sitting in the corner to find this Newspaper.

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