The Nintendo Switch Serves As A New Xbox Emulator Thanks To Programmer

Who needs backwards compatability when you’ve got modders and programmers out there right? The most recent endeavor made was an Xbox Emulator that allows you to play Halo on the Nintendo Switch.

Here’s video proof of the Xbox emulator in action by Youtuber and programmer Voxelg:

The Xbox Emulator is run by the Nintendo Switch using the Linux operating system. The Switch was then successfully shown running Halo: Combat Evolved and then Jet Set Radio, both games that were playable on the original Xbox.

The Nintendo Switch does run the Xbox Emulator at a rather choppy pace, however. The FPS is consistently under 30 so the implication here is that this is a work in progress.

It’s definitely very far along with its progression, however. The fact that it’s running is proof enough of that. The highly anticipated port of Halo MCC on the PC continues to be delayed indefinitely. Now, we have the Nintendo Switch version of Halo to wait for excitedly as well. Judging by this emulation at least.

Having old Xbox games on the go can be a very good reason to revisit so many classic games that we haven’t played in over a decade. Ones like the original two Halo games, some underrated classics like Metal Arms or even popular franchise releases like Sonic Riders.

Not only are we revisiting them, but we’ll also be able to play these games on go. We owe that part to the Nintendo Switch’s portability. Furthermore, this adds a new layer of desirability to the Switch itself. This is alongside the few exclusives it has like Pokemon Sword and Shield that is yet to come out.

Microsoft and Sony emulations haven’t been very successful in the past. We still don’t have a way to revisit PS3 and Xbox or Xbox 360 games as of yet. In fact, the PS2 and Nintendo Wii/gameboy emulations are the most commonly used.

Could this Nintendo Switch project be the game changer?

Source: Voxel9

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