The Nintendo Switch Port Of Overwatch Took A Year To Develop

Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment have strengthened relationships in recent times. The launch of Diablo III: Eternal Collection was the prelude to the arrival of one of the most popular games of the generation, Overwatch.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition was officially announced on a Nintendo Direct, although it had already been previously talked about. A few days after its announcement, Wes Yanagi, producer of the game, said that the port took them a whole year to develop.

Speaking to the Australian portal Vooks, the producer has commented that the work of moving Overwatch to Nintendo Switch began just over a year ago. According to Yanagi, the set-up was complicated because it is a video game that evolves over time.

Adding a new platform means making sure it works within Blizzard’s infrastructure. Many developers from different departments of the company, especially, have helped out in the process.

The producer has also talked about his experience working with Iron Galaxy. According to Yanagi, the process has been incredible, since it is a very experienced team that has taught them a lot about how to work with Nintendo Switch.

It was also great to have a fresh perspective on the base code, which resulted in collaborative discussions to determine the best way to optimize the game.

Overwatch for the Nintendo Switch will be available for a recommended price of $40. Although there will be a boxed version, this edition will not include a physical cartridge.

Anyway, it does not matter if you buy it in cash or entirely digital, because all customers will have access to 15 additional aspects for various heroes to give impetus to the collection of players. In addition, it will come with a three-month subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Recently, just under half of the 31 Overwatch heroes received adjustments in patch 1.41, which was released on the public test server on September 24. Specifically, there are thirteen heroes who receive adjustments.

Blizzard calls the patch a remaster that will require a relatively large download for all platforms, according to the patch notes. Players have reported download sizes of up to 8 GB.

If we look at the settings individually, we will see how none is huge, but most of them are minor changes in numbers. Even so, they will certainly have an impact on the goal of the game.

The aspect that is most affected are the shields, which have become really important in the current Overwatch goal due to the recent inclusion of Sigma, and Blizzard is making these adjustments with that in mind.

Specifically, Sigma is waiting for a slight nerf in relation to his ability to grip kinetics, which will no longer block Roadhog’s chain hook skill or Brigitte’s whip shot. On the other hand, the high gravity effect of the gravitational flow will reduce its duration to 0.9 seconds (instead of 1.2 seconds).

The important thing about this adjustment is that it improves Roadhog and Brigitte, which makes those two heroes stronger against him when it comes to controlling positioning.

I remind you that Overwatch went on sale in May 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version will be released on October 15.

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