The Medium Water Pump Puzzle Solution

One of The Medium’s most challenging puzzles is the Water Pump Puzzle. Our The Medium Water Pump Puzzle Solution guide will give you a complete account of all the steps you need to take in order to solve this mysterious puzzle.

The Medium Water Pump Puzzle Solution

You will come across the Water Pump Puzzle when you have successfully unlocked the red house basement’s bunker door.

The water tank puzzle in The Medium will initially seem pretty daunting, but if you follow our guide below, you will be able to solve it pretty smoothly.

First of all, you must understand that there are a total of four rooms that you need to progress through. These rooms consist of the west chamber, central chamber, east chamber and control room.

Now when you head into the control room and inspect the map there, you will come to know that the exit to the water pump is situated in the central chamber.

But since you can only access the central chamber through the east chamber, you need to go there next. Besides, you will also find the controls to observe and regulate water levels between various chambers in the control room.

So now, since you have to go to the east chamber first, you should consider pumping out all the water from the east chamber and the central chamber. To complete this task, you will need to manually open the tanks in both east and west chambers.

Hence, first direct the water pressure from the west chamber to the central chamber, and then go to the west chamber to open the first water tank. You can do this by inserting the red valve into the blue pipe.

Once the tank is open, get back to the control room and move the water from the central chamber to the water tank.

Now similarly, there is yet another water tank that is situated in the east chamber.

So, repeat the same process of moving the water from the east chamber to the central, opening the second tank in the east chamber and moving the water from the central chamber back into the second tank.

Finally, once both of the tanks are filled in, you need to clear the path from the east chamber to the exit door in the central chamber.

You can then move the remaining water from the east chamber to the central chamber and then from the central to the west chamber.

You can now smoothly head down the east chamber and access the exit door.