The Medium Troubled Man’s Notes Locations Guide

Our The Medium Troubled Man’s Notes Locations Guide takes a dig into the locations of all the Troubled Man’s Notes in the all-new The Medium.

The Medium Troubled Man’s Notes Locations

Troubled Man’s Note is basically amongst the many kinds of collectibles in The Medium.

As of now, there are a total of 17 Troubled Man’s Notes which the players can get their hands on.

Below, we’ve outlined the location of each single one of them.

So, let’s begin!

A Peaceful Place
Once you’ve cut through the second skin sheet and burnt more moths with your Spirit Shield, proceed inside the room on the left.

You’ll find this trouble man’s note inside a box, placed towards the right-hand side.

To-Do List
After speaking with Sadness, you’ll find it on the desk in Thomas’s office.

Getting Stronger
This troubled man’s note can be obtained from the back of Thomas’s secret darkroom, on top of some odd symbols.

Fever Dreams
It can be found behind a pillar situated towards the right of the Dayroom proper’s entrance.

Good Old Frank
Ascend some stairs and you’ll find it in some rubbish along the right-hand side of the next corridor.

Something Broken
You’ll find it to the right of the last echo.

Head inside the side room of the Red house. This troubled man’s note is located between two of the family photographs.

A Different Kind of Sadness
It is located in the basement of the Red House, near the last echo.

The Missing Piece
From the location of the last echo, make your way towards the screen.

Soon, you’ll come across this troubled man’s note on a piece of furniture to the left.

Found a Way
From the previous note’s location, head to the room towards the right. You’ll find this troubled man’s note in a cellar inside.

After running from the Maw, head to the room. You’ll find it on a desk at the back.

A Relic of the Past
You’ll obtain it from near the leftward console in the pump control room.

A Thin Line
Once you’ve escaped the Maw using electricity, descend a corridor and head inside the room to the left.

You’ll find it in the back of the room.

Just Me and Her
You’ll find it on the right-hand side of the kitchen.

Keeping Distance
You’ll find it on the right-hand side of the living room.

Business Card
This trouble man’s note is also located in the same room as the previous note.

You’ll find it on the butterfly’s table in Lily’s room.

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