The Medium Red House Door Code Solution

The Medium, like most psychological horror games, comes with a good dose of puzzles and secrets. This The Medium Red House Door Code Solution guide will help you get into the bunker door that players find in Red House.

The Medium Red House Door Code Solution

When players complete the butterfly puzzle on the Red House’s first floor, they are then free to roam the basement of the Red House.

It is here in the basement that players will find a mysterious locked bunker door. Players can access this door by squeezing through a crack in the basement wall.

Unfortunately, the bunker door is locked, and the only way to unlock it is by entering the pin code for the door.

Finding the Bunker Door Pin Code

To find the pin code, you need to return through the crack back into the main area of the basement.

From here, you need to go in the doorway that is directly opposite to the crack you just came out of.  The most interesting item in this room is another locker, chained shut.

Since you get bolt cutters near the start of The Medium’s campaign, use them to open the locker to find the gift box and receipt. It is an anniversary gift for Thomas’s 10th anniversary. The date on the receipt for the purchase of the gift is 14th, 1976.

Subtract 10 from 1976 to get 1966, the year of his wedding, which is also the bunker door’s code.

We can now open the bunker code, however, there are still some items that are worth getting; three troubled man’s notes and three echoes.

Troubled Man’s Notes

  • The first note is directly across from the stairs to the basement on a shelf.
  • The second note is in the wine cellar, the room adjacent to the shelf.
  • The third note is in the main basement room towards the back window. Look underneath the stool.

To collect echoes, players need to interact with the object and activate their insight vision as the audio begins.

  • The first echo is found on a shoe outside the wine cellar.
  • The second echo is found on a teddy bear in the main basement room towards the window.
  • The third echo is found on a syringe that is underneath the left window.

Once you do (or don’t) get all the items, you can now go and unlock the bunker door using the password 1966 and proceed.

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