The Medium Find the Red House Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how you can escape the ruins and find the Red House in The Medium.

The Medium Find the Red House

After freeing Richard from his demon, you have to find and make your way to the Red House.

Escaping The Ruins

From your starting position, go through the opening in the wall to your left and then walk down to the bridge below you. Walk down the bridge and then run to the right.

After crossing the wooden bridge, go through the doorway ahead and turn left. Inspect the tie hanging on the door and then go back through the doorway.

After coming out, go into the doorways to your left. Here, you’ll find a shelf blocking an opening.

Move the shelf out of the way and go through this opening.

This will lead you to a room that has another opening in its wall. Go through this opening as well and you’ll enter a room where you’ll find a set of footsteps.

Follow these footsteps down the stairs and then go down the tunnel until you reach the metal door. After opening the door, inspect the photo to your left before continuing down the tunnel.

As you’re walking down the tunnel, get ready to be jump-scared as the monster is waiting to pop out in there.

Fortunately, it won’t be able to catch up to Marianne. After you block it off, break the lock on the door to the right and then head up the stairs.

You’ll then enter a room with another locked door that you can open using your Bolt Cutters. This door will lead you back outside.

Killing the Monster

You’ll find a generator outside, but it’ll be out of gas. After interacting with the generator, interact with the switch on its right. The switch is missing the lever that you need to pull it.

The fuel that you need for this generator can be found behind the archways to the left of the generator.

Fuel up the generator and then go back behind the archways again. Go up the wooden structure and then walk back to the wooden bridge adjacent to the archways.

The monster will show up once again as you’re crossing this bridge. You then have to cross one more bridge to get to the next area.

In this area, you’ll encounter the monster again. Get behind cover and wait for the monster to walk to the light ahead.

When it does, start sneaking towards the winch on the right. While the monster is standing where the light is, cut the winch using your Bolt cutters and it’ll cause a distraction.

While the monster is distracted, go through the exit adjacent to the light where the monster was just standing.

Walk down the path to your right and grab the lever from there. Continue walking down this path and you’ll arrive back at the generator.

Install the lever on the switch and open up the gate. Now, fire up the generator and push it into the water. This will electrocute the monster.

After the monster is dealt with, run to the archway on the other side of the water and go through the door.

After you go through this door, you’ll spawn in the forest outside. Run down the path to your right and you’ll trigger a cutscene.

The Red House

Once the cutscene is over, your objective will now be able to find the Red house.

Luckily this won’t be very hard to do as the Red House is right in front of you. But before you enter the Red House, make sure to inspect the pack of cigarettes and the bicycle wheel lying on the ground outside.