The Medium Find Richard Walkthrough

One of the many obscure missions in The Medium is to ‘’Find Richard’’ which requires getting into the dayroom. This walkthrough for The Medium will help you navigate around the hotel and find a way into the dayroom to find Richard.

The Medium Find Richard

When you investigate a radio sitting at a reception desk, you will get the ominous objective from Sadness to find Richard. It’s hinted that in order to do that, you need to get into the dayroom.

So now, you need to find your way into the dayroom. Wander around to find a map on the nearby wall, next to a sofa set. Inspect the map to understand the layout of where you’re at and where you need to go.

Now go opposite of steel bars and turn left to go through a gate (Follow the flickering lights).

You will find the dayroom here, but it will be locked. You need a pair of Boltcutters to get in. Follow the flickering lights to some nearby steel bar door, which will open automatically.

Follow the path and you will find a swimming pool with bloodstains on the nearby wall. Walk around the pool. Inside the pool, inspect the item saying MILICJA and you will be listening to echoes.

Now go through the door left of the pool and under the small opening. Wander around and you will find a bloody shirt, inspect it.

Now go through the next door, turn right and you will find yourself in a hallway.

Inspect the areas as you go through the hallway to find items and more clues. Interact with the mirror on the right wall to update your objective.

You have to follow the spirit now.  Follow the spirit, inspect the various items on the way, including a stuffed teddy and a dog along with a ceiling fan.

The spirit will then lead you to some lockers that you have to open and you will find a White Cat Figurine inside and a torn illustration.

Helping Bernard

Go back to the mirror and touch it to enter the spirit world, follow the voices and go up the wooden stairs to find a human-like structure tangled in the wall.

This will trigger the next objective where you need to send Bernard’s soul away. You will find out about him from the clues you found above.

Go opposite from your location and into the cave on your right, obtain the energy from the spirit well and then go outside and cut your way right opposite of the cave entrance, into another cave. You will find Bernard’s face here.

Take Bernard’s face to his body and you will send him away; obtain the Black Cat Figurine as he vanishes.

As you try to leave, a monster will chase you; therefore run back into the cave and interact with the mirror to get back to the real world.

Helping other victims

The spirit will chase you into the real world but gladly will make things easier for you.

He will break open a door for you, which you can go into and then into the examination room. Once inside, inspect the telephone and then touch the nearby mirror to enter the spirit world again.

Inspect the nearby drawing and then go outside the opening to find more Bernard like figures. You need to help the two more victims.

Go back to the real world and follow the spirit, obtain the key beside the dustbin and use it to go inside the locked room beside the mirror.

You will find another mirror here which will take you back to the spirit world and then another mirror will take you back.

Keep following the spirit as it will lead you. You will encounter the monster again but don’t worry it won’t hurt you. Just go through the obstacles and through the door on the left side of the building. Go left and squeeze through the obstacles.

Helping Tori

Find the Ballerina room and inspect the prompts here. Interact with the mirror in this room and follow the spirit and get the woman’s head.

Go back to Vivienne, the ballerina and inspect the book on her side table. The page will be torn apart but you can find it right beside the bed, bring it back to understand what the numbers on the page mean.

Interact with the prompts to go through her calls. Inspect the hairband on her dressing table to find out that her real name was Tori. Finally get out of the room, use the mirror in the hallway and go back to where you found the victims, just through the mirror beside the door to the examination room.

One victim, Tori is now free, but you still need to help the other one. Go back and right into the cave and follow the path and you will find the mask of a man. As soon as you get the mask, the web in which it was tangled will vanish, and you can go through to find a mirror on the end.

You will be in the conference room now, inspect the telephone and then go to the room on the left side to find an attendance list on the table.

Inspect all the chairs and other items here. The chairs numbers show the people who sat on them according to the list. Upon inspecting the fourth chair, you will find out that Nicholas died there and you have to help him now.

Helping Nicholas

You have his mask, and now you need to go free him. He is right beside Tori. You will see the bolt cutters, but you won’t be able to pick them up yet. Go to the opening on your right and use the mirror. Your next objective is to get the bolt cutters you just saw.

Bolt Cutters and Dayroom

In the room the mirror took you to, inspect the note on the table and the nearby chair with bloodstains on it. Beside the chair will be a medical table with a blade on it. On the second shelf, you will find another note.

Finally, behind the small opening in the same room, you will find the bolt cutters. You need to go back to the dayroom now.

Get outside the room and go right in the hallway, cut the chain on the door, go down the stairs and cut another chain here on the door. Once through, go left and find yet another door where you can use the cutters.

Follow the path and you will find the last of The Troubled Man’s Notes beside a pillar. Now use the cutters to open the dayroom. A long cutscene will play here at the end of which The Medium Find Richard mission will be completed.