The Medium Echo Locations Guide

Our The Medium Echo Locations guide for The Medium will let you know the locations of all the Echos that you can collect during the main storyline as Marianne to earn the achievement.

The Medium Echo Locations

An Echo in The Medium is the voice (or voices) of people attached to random artifacts scatted throughout the game.

You can find and trigger the Echoes to listen to the useful info or lore they convey. Finding them all will unlock the “Calling out to Me” Achievement.

Here is the list of all the Echoes found in The Medium.

Echo no.1
The first Echo will be found in the Hotel Niwa Parking lot area. It will be in the phone booth at the entrance of the hotel and you will easily see it.

Echo no.2
Now that you are in the hotel, just go to your left and you will see the second Echo attached to a shoe right beside the suitcases.

Echo no.3
When you are on the second floor of the other world’s hotel, go to the room and through the bathroom to the adjacent room and you will find it on a telephone to the right.

Echo no. 4
Go to Ursula’s room and you will find the fourth Echo on the bottle of pills inside the bathroom sink.

Echo no.5
Find the razor and get to the next area to find another echo in the bathroom. This time it is attached to the wall mirror

Echo no.6
When trying to enter the dayroom to find Richard, Investigate the pool. The Echo will be in one corner of the pool on a MILICJA barricade.

Echo no.7
Outside the pool, in the same area, Another MILICJA barricade has an echo attached to it.

Echo no.8
Go to the adjacent room from the pool area and look down to find the Echo on a pair of shorts on the ground.

Echo no.9
Go upstairs and find this Echo on a spin-top toy.

Echo no.10

This Echo is In the pool near some rubble on a dog stuffed toy on the ground.

Echo no.11
When you have found the previous two, you must have seen a bloody alcove in the path. This Echo will be there.

Echo no.12
Now get back to the shower room, just like the previous one and this time move the cart to find another Echo.

Echo no.13
Now when you are in the area, the Maw will break through one door and go through the other. Now go through the door Maw came from and get to the examination room and this Echo will be on a wall phone.

Echo no.14
This Echo is on a photo of a ballerina in the manager’s room.

Echo no.15-16-17-18
In Vivienne’s room, interact with the numbers on the notebook after finding the missing torn notebook page (near the bed).

Echo no.19
This one will be in the real world; you just have to go to the conference room, and you will find the Echo on the left-hand side on the phone.

Echo no.20
Get to the room with the numbered chairs; just go to the front desk of the room and you will find the Echo on the ashtray.

Echo no.21
On a bloodied wheelchair through a hole in the wall.

Echo no.22
Get back to the dayroom and you will find this Echo on your left at the drawing of a horse.

Echo no.23
Go to the teacher’s room and you will find the Echo on the pen case on the table.

Echo no.24
When you find last postcard on the bench, you will find this Echo just left of that postcard on a phone.

Echo no.25-26
This one will be near the tent when you speak with the Sadness on the Swing, go straight from there and you will find it on a dented wheel near a fence. Right next to it on a pack of cigarettes is another Echo

Echo no.27
You will find this Echo on a horse inside the toolshed.

Echo no.28
In the same toolshed, go to the next room and this Echo will be on the tape recorder sitting in some mess in the room.

Echo no.29
Right next to the Note that you find close to the last Echo, you will find this Echo, you just must use Insight.

Echo no.30
Go to the basement of the Red House near the shack and this one will be on a teddy bear with the back wall.

Echo no.31
Look right of the teddy bear and you will find this Echo on the syringe.

Echo no.32
In the first room of the basement, the first shoe that you see on the screen will have this Echo.