The Medium Dayroom Puzzle Solutions

In this The Medium Dayroom Puzzle Solutions guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Globe and the Sheet Music and Piano Puzzle in The Medium.

The Medium Dayroom Puzzle Solutions

You cannot expect to make it out of the Dayroom without having to solve some mystery puzzles.

Two puzzles in this region require your attention: the Globe puzzle and the Sheet Music and Piano puzzle.

You cannot solve the latter before solving the Globe puzzle. Therefore, let’s get to solving the Globe puzzle first.

Solving the Globe Puzzle

The missing puzzle pieces that we require to solve the puzzle are not located inside the globe room itself but in another room, with a locked door.

Luckily, you can switch into a spirit and access the room, even if the door is locked. Head inside the room and look for the missing pieces in the lower corner.

The missing pieces that we’re looking for are the nose, eyes, and mouth. Once you have them, head back and place them onto the globe.

The real challenge begins when you start rearranging them to get them in the right order.

This is partly because whatever piece you move, another piece moves along with it but in the opposite direction.

Therefore, arranging these puzzle pieces to form a face is quite a hassle. What you can do is, move the eyes one step up and then move the nose one step up.

Then, move the eyes two steps up, and then again move the nose two steps up.

Finally, move the mouth two steps up before moving the nose one step up again. And boom! You have yourself a perfect face.

The puzzle, however, is not yet complete. The actual purpose of solving this puzzle is to open up the entrance to a balcony that is not accessible at the moment.

Once the face is complete, moving the globe will move the room. Keep rotating the globe until the entrance to the balcony is visible.

Solving the Sheet Music and Piano Puzzle

You require three parts of the sheet music to complete the puzzle. The first two parts will be found in the Dayroom.

For the last part, you’ll need to unlock the balcony, which you’ve already done while solving the last puzzle.

The first two sheet music parts are located on a table and another one on a chair near the globe. The third piece is located in the teacher’s room and that is locked.

The key to the teacher’s room is located out on the balcony along with the piano. Access the key, and head back to the Dayroom.

Making your way back to the Dayroom will require you to cut off some flesh using a razor. Unlock the teacher’s room and head inside.

The third piece of the puzzle is located on the desk. Now that you have all three parts of sheet music, you can combine them to form one complete page of music.

Head back to the piano now to put that beautiful music to play. The music will give you energy, and you’ll be able to move past the swarm of moths in the Dayroom.

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